[Closed] IFFG Official MH370 2 Year Memorial Flight @ WMKK - 080300ZMAR16

It has been 2 years since the unfortunate dissaperance of flight MH370 that occured on the night of March 8th, 2014. In honor and respect for all the passengers, crew members and families affected on that day, IFFG will host a memorial flight ranging from WMKK to WSSS in a 777-200ER. Please take some time to review the flight details below if you will be attending:

Credit to Porter Reese for the idea
Time: 7pm PST/10pm EST (0300 UTC Zulu)
Server: Advanced
Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur
Aircraft: Malaysian 777-200ER
Cruising Altitude: 22,000ft
Cruising Speed: 300 Knots

Full ATC (Ground/Tower & Approach) will be available.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly for any questions or concerns in regards to this subject matter.

Art Martinez
-IFFG Event Coordinator


Damn 2 years already. I remember it like it was only 7 moths ago lol.

I will be there bye


Thanks so much for putting it on advanced so we don’t have nimrods disrespecting the flight and the victims.


Sounds like a nice memorial.

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Thanks this is a completely separate event from Turbulence Tuesday and strict ATC procedures will be enforced so that we don’t have any trolls.

I’ll be there but what date?

It was a week ago

I’m on playground for now, I wanted to assist :(