[CLOSED] IFFG Flash Event A380-800 Take Over Event @ WSSS - 100300ZJAN16

‼️IFFG Official Flash Event ‼️
A380-800 Takeover
45 minutes From Now
🕑Pushback: 7:00pm PST (0300 Zulu)
💻Server: Advanced
🌐Region: Singapore / Kuala Lumpur
🌆From/To: WSSS to WMKK
✈️Aircraft type: Any A380-800
🔝Speed: 325
✈️Level: 24,000 feet
🅿️Parking: I’m at T1 C25
📈Flight plan: Copy mine**

Call sign: Malaysian 93
Display name: IFAE-Art Martinez

Special Notes:
Below 10k fly @ 220knots
Below 18k fly @ 280
Fly @ 325 at cruising alt

See ya in the sky’s!

How do I know what your flight plan is ?

You click on the person in the map setting
Then you switch through the map settings. There then should be a button that says “COPY FPL” or something with all the waypoints.

I think thats how you find it


You have to go to “MAP+INFO” first. Click on his plane, then you will see the button

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