{CLOSED} IFES Landing Competition @YSSY - 211800ZJAN16

Welcome to 2016! I have stepped into the role of being the Event Manager for IFES! For 2016 we will be having weekly events! So without further adieu, let’s touch our wheels down in Sydney! (OPEN TO EVERYONE)

Event: 747 Landing Competition

Airport: YSSY

Aircraft: 747-400 (Any Livery)

Time: 7:00 EST to 8:00 EST

Number of Aircraft Allowed: 15 (Message Me for Entry)

Server: Free Flight

NOTAM: You will spawn in the gates (your choice) and taxi to runway 16R, take off runway 16R make right traffic and remain in the pattern ONE AT A TIME (Sequence yourself out) and turn right base for runway 16L and go ahead and land

Landing Rules:

  1. 16L ONLY
  2. Judges will choose scores for you
  3. Message me for entry… 15 slots
  4. 747 ONLY
  5. Spectators must put “Spectate” in nametag
  6. Trolls will not be judged and will only be ignored
  7. Have fun and happy landings

The title does not correspond with the event category guidelines. I’m unable to edit it at the moment because I’ve reached the max amount of edits for today.

Ah my bad Henrik! I will immediately fix that!

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Make sure you message me for entry!

One thing…I don’t have a 757, but can I join in? And not be scored?

Are you spectating?

Yes please because, I do not have the 757

Alright! Come to the event with “Spectate” in your name and do not taxi to the runways :)

Ok, But if you’re looking for another judge, I’ll be willing to sign up! :)

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I’m having IFES staff do the judging this time! If you want to be apart of the team search IFES on the website and go to the website and join today!

Is IFES, Infinite Flight Escort Pilots? if they are, I’m one of there pilots! :)

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No way!? Really?

I’m not joking :D

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Hi has this finished ?

The event takes place on Thursday the 21st :)

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Still looking for pilots!! Everyone is accepted!

If we could change the aircraft that would be amazing :)

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The aircraft has been changed to the 747!

Thank you very much! Sign me up :)

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Might want to change that to a 747 :D

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