[Closed] IFES Event #6 Dashing through Denver @ KDEN - 202230ZMAR16

Hello all IFES members and visitors!

This week we have a new and exciting event! Sorry for the delay, but on Sunday, March 19, we will be using the Brand New Dash-8!
Think you can rock landing a Dash? How about at Infinite Flights most difficult airport? Think this is easy? How about an round trip!

Where? Denver! Route is KDEN-KASE-KEGE-KDEN

When? Sunday, March 20th @ 2230Z

Aircraft? Dash-8!

Livery? United Express!

Server? Advanced!

NOTAM? Fly the route and have fun :)

Thank you for being awesome!

IFES Staff,
David Garden


As always:) Looking forward to this event!


Looking forward to this event !

Every IFES event has a special gift in it …


Thanks to @Furtive_masstwofourf AKA epic event planner. :D His name is even on the IF homepage now because of the new forum embed thing for events and news lol

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  1. Is this event happening today and will some of the developers be there

This event is happening tomorrow! The developers sometimes stop by, so we may see them!

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But today for me is the 19th saturday march 19th

@flightmaster_10 As he said, the event is tomorrow at 2230 Zulu

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U might wanna change the date then it is Sunday March 20 not 19th

@Furtive_masstwofourf Is this a mistake or can you explain this somehow in zulu or something?

Today is the 19th u said Sunday the 19th well tomorrow is Sunday the 20th

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My error, it is tomorrow the 20th.

Interesting now I’m even confused lol.

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Sunday the 20th. Afirm. I changed it in the title for you.

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Yeah lol sorry I hope we weren’t arguing but I will be there tomorrow dash 8 untied 942


Great! Thanks for the support of this event sponsored by IFES :)

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Who will be ATC and also are we doing t/g or landing and takeoff
You making a FPL

Look above @Furtive_masstwofourf