[Closed] IFES Event #5: Inverted Low Pass @ TKPK - 010000ZMAR16

Hello Members,
Welcome back after a long time without an event (Sorry lol) Anyway, welcome to week 5. For this event we will be doing an IFES members favorite: Inverted low pass competition.

Aircraft: Any, the smaller the better!

Time 7:00EST February 29th, Monday! (As you all voted for)

Server: Free Flight!

Where: TKPK in the Caribbean!

NOTAM: Get as low as you can go, but upside down. Lowest contestant wins!

@Tecnam2TA will be the judge for this event! Hope to see you all there!


Lol, :bounce:. This isnt slack

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This isn’t the IFES forum. Sorry… It’ll be removed, Trevaun.

Can you sort the title out, ta.

Can I sort the title?

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Oh okay. Sorry Misha, will be fixed ASAP.

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AM or PM?? And how long will it last for?

1800Z and however long it takes for all the pilots to do a pass.

You posted it here and http://ifescommunity.forums.com.bz/t43-ifes-event-5-inverted-low-pass-competition#150

David, can you change the time please, I can’t make this one (school)

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We toggle between days and times each week. So next weeks event will either be on Wednesday or Thursday and it will be at a different time most likely.


I’ll be at this one!


1900EST is not 1800Z.

1900EST = 0000Z
1800Z = 1300EST

@Furtive_masstwofourf can you clarify?


Wouldn’t miss it!

I am not good at this Zulu time conversion. It’s 7 PM EST

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Sorted that for you :)

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But it is tonight and we are still in Februrary because it’s leap day. So in Zulu it is in March at 0000Z?
Why not 292300ZFEB16 ?

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We could do that, but it would be at 6:00pm EST. 7:00pm EST = Midnight GMT/Zulu, which means it starts the next day.

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This was an interesting event I will say:) ok so the winner is… @tranquil_skyflyer ! Congratulations! I want to also thank everyone else who attended :D