[Closed] IFES 1 Year anniversary @ WSSS - 152000ZAUG16

Server: CASUAL

Good day IFC,

Come join us at Singapore Changi Airport for our anniversary celebration. And join us for a pilot competition for a prize!

To start off the event, THE HAWKEYES, the Infinite Flight Military Display Team, will be performing our opening act, with A380 and F22s/F16s.

This will be followed by Low Passes by Jumbo jets and Heavies by our IFES/IFM pilots.

Next, We will also be hosting a pilot competition, open to everyone that joins us. All you need to do is register at: http://ifescortservices.wixsite.com/ifes/pilot-competition-registration


Competition details: Best Low Pass over Runway, Gears must be down, remain above the runway. All you have to do to be in for a chance to win is do a low pass over the runaway!

We will close this event with a Massive Group Flight as a tribute to all retired IFM AND IFES members.

More details to follow as we get closer in regards to gate assignments.

Every pilot must be able to communicate using Discord. Discord is free!

If you have any questions please leave a message, and one of us (@Liam_Kirk and @Giacomo_Lawrance) will get back to you. We hope to see you there!




I’d like to join but I have a flight that day. So sorry.
And I hope people come and have a nice event

Okay, that’s a pity you can’t make it.

It’s at 8 pm GMT on the 15th of August.

You can also sign up via the email: Ifescortservices@gmail.com, however using the sign up form is better.

The prize is a gift card.so to those out there who really want that wingflex and cant have it just yet. Show off your skills and win some $ for that dreamliner, or a map, or a month subscription.

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Wish I could take part 😞

There is a gift card up for grabs! All you need to do is fly over a runaway… 😉

im part of the Hawkeyes but i notified Trevaun that i won’t be able to make it.

Okay, thanks.

If you join, please say in in the general channel on Discord to let us know you are there!

Wilco, i’ll inform if i can come.

Okay, that’s great thanks!

I think is possible to fly lower then this, right?

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It’s possible


Are you taking part? 🙂

Yes, i would like to ☺

Okay, please enter your details into the form and join the discord channel.

Thanks, and I hope to see you there!

Discord is needed to communicate with the atc and other pilots, so if you sign up you must have it. It’s free.