[Closed] IFEAA GA Landing Competition @ KOSH - 272300ZJUL17

Server: Expert

Region: Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Airport: KOSH

Time: 2300Z (7:00PM EDT)

NOTAM: When we say GA aircraft, we are talking about the C172, C208, SR22, P-38, Spitfire, & Super D! Please do not fly any of the corporate or current military aircraft into the events. Thank you.

Join IFEAA as we seek to find out who the best GA pilot is! Bring out the C172, C208, SR22, P-38, Spitfire, or Super D and we will be grading your landings! More detailed information to be announced!


  1. NetJets_Nick
  2. Cpt_Chris
  3. Flightfan84
  4. insertusernamehere
  5. JRRaviation
  6. Will_A
  7. Owen_Anderson
  8. Kozi9095
  9. Rockydawg_42
  10. Ksisky

Be sure to check out our main thread here: https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/the-2017-ifeaa-airventure-3-day-countdown/

Also join our discord server to stay up to date: Discord


I will definetley make it! Sign me up please.


You know I’ll be there, looking forward to it!


Can’t wait to see you guys there! @Cpt_Chris @Flightfan84


Im coming, sign me up

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Count me in! Can’t wait to come!

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Coming in my trusty 208! Can’t wait for this one.

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Sign me up please, I would love to come!

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I’ll make it I’m American 703 super

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I would go but I’m not in an expert class. I would have enjoyed it because it would be my first event!

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Plz sign me up for this event!!

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@Kozi9095 @Rockydawg_42 you are both added!

Sign me up so I can win please. :)

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Lol I will! Event is in a few minutes!

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