[Closed] IFAU Opening Ceremony @ YSSY - 022300ZAPR16

Server: Advanced Server

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSSY-YSCB

Time: 23:00Z

NOTAM: Everyone is welcome to come along and join our Event. Please show your maturity and respect towards the event and server too. Flight details are listed below.

Flight Details:

We Fly from YSSY to YSCB.

Aircraft allowed: Any Australian Aircraft.

IFAU Pilots, please come with your IFAU** Callsigns.

  • Arrive 5 minutes before event.

  • Copy my Flight Plan.

  • Altitude: 20,000ft

  • Cruise Speed/Airspeed: 350kts
  • Respect and Follow all Advanced server rules.

  • Trolls are a NO NO

To Join IFAU : http://goo.gl/forms/gt05lyeYlO

Time conversions for Australians coming to this event:

Sydney and Melbourne: 9:00am on the 3rd of April ( Sunday )

Thank you.


Is that air speed?

Yes. That’s the airspeed we will be cruising at.

That’s a bit high. Just sayin’

Just about enough to rip a plane apart mid flight.


any plane?

We’re talking about airspeed.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend. Have a great time everyone!

Look above

Oh. Changed it to 350

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The VMO for a 737-700 is about 340 knots indicated air speed, and you are planning on flying 400 knots. Just an example.

For the dash-8 the VMO at 15000 feet is about 280 knots indicated air speed.


I’ll join. Hey, anyone want an escort for safety?

Its 8:30 on sunday in australia. Right?

Depends on the time zone

I’m talking about aest

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Will be 9:30am on Sunday for you.

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Sure. We’d love you to escort us :)

I will open ATC

Thanks a lot !

All right. My call sign is N70GF, by the way. And, since I’m in England, GMT time and date please?