[Closed] IFAU Jetstar A320 Event @ YSCB - 302300ZAPR16

im ready, lets go there now

21 kts. It’s not bad

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thats pretty nasty

Oh, that’s bad, believe me

Bad in crosswind

Ok guys, event starts in 14 min. Please start making your way down to YSCB and ATC will notify us which runways are in use. Also just make a wpt to YSSY as Apprach is being open.

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still have couple more minutes to get breakfast

Evening, gentlemen. I’ll be your approach controller into YSSY for the duration of the flight. Y’all can expect Runway 34R for arrival, as a heads-up. We expect a steady stream of departures to roll off of 34L, so precautionary measures will be taken.


Breakfast? Wow, I still have to sleep.

I’m sorry @SAA_A346 you might need more coffee

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Start spawning now guys.

Event is starting in 10 minutes

so no fpl?

Nope because approach at YSSY is open.

Nope but if you want til like me.

Also please use your IFAU callsigns if you are apart of IFAU.

Last few planes landing. Event will close in 10 min or so.

I’m going to sleep now, crashed my first takeoff

Guys, apparently some of you guys didn’t follow any of the instructions given to you. I will start removing more people now once I get the names from the controllers. We will be flying on the free flight or PG next time. I am very disappointed with the lack of respect given !

Thank you to the ones who followed instructions. Thanks to everyone who came.

Thank you to the controllers who took their time to control at this event.

YSCB Ground and Tower: @hubandspoke1

YSSY Ground and Tower: @Procrastinator_Kenny
YSSY Approach: @StikLover2

Thanks !