[Closed] IFAU Jetstar A320 Event @ YSCB - 302300ZAPR16

Server: Advanced Server

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSCB-YSSY

Time: 23:00Z

NOTAM: Everyone is welcome to come along and join our Event. Please show your maturity and respect towards the event and server too. Flight details are listed below.

Flight Details:

We Fly from YSCB to YSSY.

Aircraft allowed: Only Jetstar A320

IFAU Pilots, please come with your IFAU** Callsigns provided to you.

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before event.

  • Copy my Flight Plan.

  • Altitude: 20,000ft

  • Cruise Speed/Airspeed: 300kts
  • Respect and Follow all Event and Advanced server rules.

  • Trolls are a NO NO and will be reported/ghosted.

ATC will most likely be active. Any IFATC controllers willing to control at this event, please contact me through PM.

To Join IFAU : http://goo.gl/forms/gt05lyeYlO

Time and Date conversions for Australians coming to this event:

Sydney and Melbourne: 9:00am on the 1st of May ( Sunday )

Thank you.



Lovely, let’s fill the region


IFAU013: Ceck In. 👮🏼✈️🇦🇺
Iwll come.👍🏼


Big chance you’ll see me


Hopefully this time I won’t have to take off again.

IFAU checked in

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I am not trolling and have a genuine question of what happens if the plane is not Jetstar A320. Do you get ghosted?

hope not, but use Jetstar if possible

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Nope, you don’t get reported or ghosted as some people might not be participating in event. For the ones participating, we highly recommend them to fly the Jetstar A320.

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I can’t come I am on a hike that day

Any IFATC controllers willing to control at YSCB or YSSY for this event, please contact me through Slack or the Forum PM.

Thanks !

Max, you’ll have to keep me awake, bro. I so want to attend, have been making promises about the past events but the time zone is my enemy.

Event is in 8 and a half hours. Will post a Reminder 30 min before event :)

nice, i just need a wake up call at 8:30. lol

which gate will we use?

Guys, we will be using any gates we want. We will most likely be taking off from 35. Runway will be confirmed 30 min before event.



It’s raining right now at Sydney with a visibility of 10km. Winds are changing.

Attention to Event Comers.

You are to spawn at whatever gate you would like to spawn at. Please come 5-10 min before the event start time. If approach is open at YSSY then a FpL won’t be made but in the case were approach isn’t open then plesde click on my plane and copy my FpL. I will take lead so follow me to the runway we will take off from. Please follow or rules of the event and have a great time with IFAU !

See you guys I’m 20 min !

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Also please thank the controllers at IFATC who are going to open up the Sydney region for this event !


What’s the wind speed