[Closed] IFATS Real Gathering Event @ EGLL - 121900ZMAY18

Server: Casual

Airport: EGLL

Time: 1900Z

Notam: Hey there IFC!

My name is Lucas and I want to introduce myself as the new IFATS Events Manager, today we come with a new event with vocal ATC bought to you by the Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service. We are a virtual organization that provides professional and realistic vocal air traffic control services. We operate using Discord. You can find our Discord server invite link in our website. If you want to know a little bit more you can also check our thread.

We would like to thank our partnered VAs, Air Canada Virtual Airline, British Airways Virtual Airline and El Al Virtual Airline for attending to this event, we know how important our partners are and we are very grateful. There is no route set, users and virtual airlines/organizations may fly any route of their choice from or to EGLL. We recomend that if you are arriving into EGLL, you do not do long haul as the flight time may change due to winds or any other factor.

Be advised that London Heathrow International Airport (EGLL) is the only airport that will have active vocal ATC, this means you must only contact ATC on frequencies that are provided by the Heathrow Tower. Any other airport is not covered by this event.

This kind of events is known for being very funny, we hope to see London Heathrow painted with wonderful airline colours! Once again, a link to our Discord server (where VATC is provided) in our website.

As you may know, this event will be a real gathering event, this means all the pilots that want to fly with us must join by stating their callsign, A/C type and route to be flown. Please use a proper phraseology including the ICAO code for these concepts (Eg. BAW1392, A319, EGLL-EGCC). Either myself or any of the Staff team members will answer to your request as soon as possible, they will give you your parking gate/stand, please, take note of it. Here is a list of the current gates:

Terminal 2
  • T2 G216: ACA823/A319/EGLL-CYYT (@Cameron_Stone)
  • T2 G217:
  • T2 G218R:
  • T2 G218L:
  • T2 G219:
  • T2 G220:
  • T2 G221R:
  • T2 G221L:
  • T2 G223:
  • T2 G224:
  • T2 G225:
  • T2 G226:
  • T2 G231: ACA002/B789/EGLL-CYYZ (@natedog508)
  • T2 G232: ACA176/B789/EGLL-CYYZ (@David_Santy_Rodrigue)
  • T2 G233: ACA240/B789/EGLL-CYYZ (@Isacc_Paddy)
  • T2 G236: ACA164/B77W/EGLL-CYVR (@anon11948201)
  • T2 G238:
  • T2 G239: ACA210/B789/EGLL-CYYZ (@JulianQ)
  • T2 G241: ACA203/B789/EGLL-CYYZ (@hi15td)
  • T1 G242:
  • T2 G243:
  • T2 G244:
  • T2 G246:
  • T2 G247:
  • T2 G248: ACA153/B788/EGLL-CYYZ (@NBSYT)
  • T2 G249: ACA849/B789/EGLL-CYYZ (@Nate_Schneller)
  • T2 G251: Reserved for ACVA
  • T2 G252: Reserved for ACVA
  • T2 G253: Reserved for ACVA
  • T2 G254: Reserved for ACVA
  • T2 G255: Reserved for ACVA
  • T2 G256: Reserved for ACVA
  • T2 G257: ACVA04/B789 (@Balloonchaser)
  • T2 G258: DLH9AC/B744/EGLL-CYVR (@CaptAC)
Terminal 3
  • T3 G301: Reserved for BAVA
  • T3 G303: Reserved for BAVA
  • T3 G305: Reserved for BAVA
  • T3 G307:
  • T3 G309:
  • T3 G311:
  • T3 G313:
  • T3 G316: AAL729/B772/EGLL-KPHL (@DeltaMD88Fan)
  • T3 G317: AAL100/B77W/KJFK-EGLL (@Darragh_ODonoghue)
  • T3 G318:
  • T3 G319:
  • T3 G320:
  • T3 G321:
  • T3 G323:
  • T3 G325:
  • T3 G326:
  • T3 G327:
  • T3 G328:
  • T3 G329:
  • T3 G330:
  • T3 G331:
  • T3 G332:
  • T3 G334:
  • T3 G335:
  • T3 G336:
  • T3 G340: Reserved for BAVA
  • T3 G342: Reserved for BAVA
Terminal 4
  • T4 G401: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 G402: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 G403: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 RS404A:
  • T4 RS404:
  • T4 G405: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 G406:
  • T4 G407:
  • T4 G408: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 G409: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 G410: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 G411:
  • T4 G412: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 G414: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 G415:
  • T4 G417:
  • T4 G419:
  • T4 G420:
  • T4 G421:
  • T4 G422: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 G423: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 G424: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 G425: AFR262/B772/LFPG-EGLL (@SNASpotter)
  • T4 RS430: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 RS432: Reserved for EL AL VA
  • T4 RS440: Buck 5 (H)/C17/EGLL-KWRI (@Nick_M)
  • T4 RS441: SR421/B77W/EGLL-OMDB (@theabdulrasheed)
Terminal 5
  • T5 G501: BAW746/A319/EGLL-ENZV (@Aviation_Ziggy)
  • T5 G502: Reserved for BAVA
  • T5 G503: BAW423/A319/EGLL-EIDW (@jakevaz423)
  • T5 G505: Reserved for BAVA
  • T5 G506: Reserved for BAVA
  • T5 G507:
  • T5 G508: BAW389/B77W/EGLL-KIAD (@Jacob_Floam)
  • T5 G509:
  • T5 G511:
  • T5 G512: Reserved for BAVA
  • T5 G514: Reserved for BAVA
  • T5 G515:
  • T5 G517: Reserved for BAVA
  • T5 G518: Reserved for BAVA
  • T5 G519:
  • T5 G520:
  • T5 G521:
  • T5 G522:
  • T5 G523:
  • T5 RS524:
  • T5 RS525.
  • T5 RS526:
  • T5 RS527:
  • T5 G531:
  • T5 G532:
  • T5 G533:
  • T5 G534:
  • T5 G535:
  • T5 G536:
  • T5 G537:
  • T5 G538:
  • T5 G539:
  • T5 G541:
  • T5 G542:
  • T5 G543:
  • T5 G544:
  • T5 G545:
  • T5 G546:
  • T5 G547:
  • T5 G548:

If you have any problem or question, do not hesitate to send me a PM, either on the IFC or on Discord.

Thank you, IFATS Events Manager


ACVA002/ Boeing 787-9/ EGLL-CYYZ (ACVA)


ACVA176/Boeing 787-9 EGLL-CYYZ (ACVA)


Buck 5 Heavy//Boeing C-17//EGLL-KWRI

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Thank you for joining us! Your gate is G231, Terminal 2

G232, Terminal 2, thank you!

RS440 at Terminal 4, thank you

i wont be able to join… but ill see if i can try

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Sign me up please
BAW746// A319-100// EGLL - ENZV (BAVA)


Hi can I have agate please???

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ACVA240/ Boeing 787-9/ EGLL-CYYZ ACVA

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ABCE1/ a330/ EGLL-CYYZ [No Va]

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Hello, of course you can get a gate, I just need your flight nofrmation. Callsign, A/C type and your Route.

@Isacc_Paddy @NationofAviation @Aviation_Ziggy
Thank you for joining, you can now check your gates at the list above (on the main post).

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ACA823 // A319 // EGLL-CYYT No VA

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Ipchange Of Plan, I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend.

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T2 G216, thank you for joining

ACVA164/Boeing 773/LHR-CYYZ


Speedbird 389//B77W//EGLL-KIAD// BAVA

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@anon11948201 @Jacob_Floam
Thank you for joining, gates are now available, check them out!