[CLOSED] IFATC Training @ KSSC (Charlotte Region) TSI

Hello everyone!
I’m open for about an hour at Düsseldorf for some ATC training. Experienced pilots feel free to do some touch and goes, transitions, go arounds and so on!
My name: IFTSATC Cpt Obvious

See you soon✌🏼️


I’ll be there for some patterns

Coming as G-JOHN, not sure what plane

I was D-USH/Dushyanth


  • Incorrect entry into 10R, should be right downwind

  • incorrect and unnecessary “I’ll call your base” and subsequent ones

    • If you wanted to space the planes with that command, pilots should be expected to space themselves in VFR
  • after go arounds no pattern entry is required

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omg I almost crashed. image

Why the heck did you cross me over the ILS for 10R to move me to 10L!!??! That was incredibly dangerous and I got within 200 feet of another plane!

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Sorry can’t make it now. But let me know next time!

Thanks for coming along.
I corrected myself for the wrong pattern entry and said enter enter right downwind straight after.

Okay, I’ll take that into consideration. I need to work on the “I’ll call your base”

I figured the pattern entry after the go around was wrong, but I didn’t want to leave rather unnecessary messages.

I know this was a bad one. I hoped I could give a statement first, before someone would wip my ass hahah
I wanted to give you a left 360 but there was another plane on left base that you would have probably run into after the turn. I’m sorry for that. I panicked and just closed my eyes and hoped for best.

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And in general, I know I need to work on some stuff, but that’s why I’m practicing with you guys.
Thanks to everyone

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I’m open at Fort Lauderdale✌🏼️ Come in for a session! Would be much appreciated!

Thanks for everyone who came! Feedback would be awesome

I was told to follow the aircraft on right base which is actually on right crosswind. I think in this case if you want to sequence, you can better tell me to follow the traffic on right downwind.


Yeah, I was little confused there… They should really implement the crosswinds :).
But that’s good to know!

And to Speedbird, sorry for the 360, I should have told you to turn base later, but you were going at 140 knots and the traffic on final was going 180, but then you turned 90’’ immediately and accelerated to almost 200 knots, so a collision was inevitable. So I had to send you around

Actually, use shouldn’t use turn base at all. Use it only to maintain separation. Also, it’s better to Not tell me to extend downwind as I can turn much earlier to make things more efficient without any separation problems. Usually pilots can separate themselves, so the extend downwind and turn base used in this case is a bit of overcontrolling.


Im not sure which plane you were, but I told you to extend downwind because there was a plane on final 28R and I didn’t want you to come to close to him, because you requested a runway change to 28L.
I was just trying to avoid a collision :)
Maybe a little extra careful

And in the “the perfect ATC test” Tyler used turn base a lot too to make things efficient.
That’s why I used it here and there

Open once more! Feel free to join

Coming for Circuits IFC-MF C172

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I might pop in for a little flight.

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