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Hello. I am Nnickyle IFPHG from the Philippines. I am an aspiring IFATC. I invite everyone to come and visit MANILA. I already applied and on the process to become an IFATC.

I will open Manila International Airport (RPLL).

Training Server


I will extend my ATC Operation until everyone will be accomodated.

NOTAMS: Wide body aircrafts and bigger can land only on RWY 06/24. Narrow body aircrafts and smaller can land on RWY 06/24 and RWY 13/31. SID and STARS Recommended.

I will act like a professional ATC (but can’t ghost you, don’t worry!)

*These are one of the many international destination/arrival airports that I recommend for you to fly to/from Manila:

Hong Kong (VHHH) Flight time: 1h30mn
San Francisco (KSFO) 12h00mn
Los Angeles (KLAX) 12h30mn
Vancouver (CYVR) 13h00mn
Dubai (OMDB) 8h30mn
Incheon (RKSI) 3h30mn
Singapore (WSSS) 3h00mn
Sydney (YSSY) 8h15mn

*You can fly anywhere to/from Manila :)

Using of Philippine Airlines livery will be greatly appreciated!

Manila (RPLL) is a gateway to different places around the world to and from Asia, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Northern America, and even Africa!


NAIA Terminal 1 serves almost all the international flights. It has west gates 1-7 and east gates 9-15.
See more information

NAIA Terminal 2 houses international and domestic flights of the country’s flag carrier, Philippine Airlines or PAL.
See more information

NAIA Terminal 3 serves the international flights which are not handled in NAIA Terminal 1 as well as some domestic flights.
See more information

NAIA Terminal 4 hosts flights from local and regional carriers.
See more information

That’s it. See you! MABUHAY!
“It’s more fun in the Philipppnes”


Good event!

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Nice event <3

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Thanks capt!

Please do visit. :)

Thanks capt! See you

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Hey Nnickyle!

Mind if I stop by tomorrow to do some pattern work? Pattern work is one of the key aspects of your upcoming IFATC practical test and something that you should try to master prior to that test. If so, feel free to tag me once you open. Manila is a beautiful location to fly and I would love to give some of my time tomorrow to fly and give you some tips and feedback on your controlling :)

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Yes, that would be great! Okay I’ll tag you. See you!

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Hello, ATC in Manila is now open.

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Roger Dodger sir. I will head over there in 10 minutes when I land my flight in Barcelona

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Yay! Thanks :))

Yay! Happy Manila is being opened.

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Yes! Please do visit if you have time now. :)

Ah yes, my home airport.

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