[Closed] IFAS (Infinite Flight Air Show) @ KLAX - 281830ZNOV15

Server: Free Flight

Region: Sothern California

Airport: KLAX

Time: 6:30PM GMT*

Date: 25th November


*This is a very brief information but this is the flight plan I would like my flyers to put in there flight plan. First thing is first, Please set your weight to 25%, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.We will directly fly over the runway and do some barrel rolls or a low fly by. We will do this 3 times! Also can you please select the GENERIC livery.

ONLY FOR 777-300ER, A320 & A380 PILOTS
You guys are the biggest aircrafts in the show so your going to be at the front! Please fly in a line directly in-front of the F/A 18 flying a steady speed of 335Knots, this is very important because you have F/A 18 behind your tale. If you have any questions please tell me by PM or reply with your question.

Because you are very fast you need to limit your self to only 300knots, and you will need to climb in a “finger formation” image I will tell you what position you are eg. Flight wingman. Try to maintain this as best as you can. Please do ask questions via replying or PM.

As you can tell I am planning to do a air show (Inspired by @MacGamer04).

The following aircrafts are needed:
777-300ER: Only 2 are allowed ( 1 Taken, 1 left)
F/A 18: 3 Only ( 1 taken, 1 left!!!)
A380: 1 Only! (Taken)
A320: Again only 1! (Taken)

If you do wish to come along (please do!) then comment down below and tell me which aircraft you would like to be in.

Ok sure! And I will change it. Are you ready for the challenge? :D. I will tell you later what gate you need to spawn at.

Damn I’m in London then I’m so sorry I can do anytime this week up until Friday and from Tuesday next week so the only time I could come is if the day was changed.

It fine :D, I can change the date, can you do this coming Wednesday?

Yes I can. I can also do next week if you like

IMO it would be better to do an air show at a less common airport or one that actually has air shows; for example Whittman Rgnl (Oshkosh, KOSH).

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Thanks for the idea! I chose KLAX because that’s the busiest airport so more people watching :D

Ok! Wednesday it is :D

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Could you make the time further in the evening because I get home from school at 4:00 gmt

I’ll take the A320

San Fransisco is busiest on Free Flight

Come home at 5:00 :D Forgot to edit that!

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Ok! I will tell you your parking spot when the NOTAM is out.

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What is a NOTAM?

Information about the event so what route were going to take and what altitude you need to be, airspeed etc.

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Ok thanks ✈️✈️

Your welcome :D

It would be good if next to the planes you put taken to the ones that have been chosen eg:
Airbus a380 (taken)

I have :D I think it hasn’t edit yet.

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Can I use the 777-300ER

Call 777-300ER