[Closed] IFAO 100 Members Event @ TNCM - 241800ZOCT15

Today we’re announcing our 100 member celebration! We will be going for a little jaunt in the Caribbean region this time, from TNCM to TFFR. The flight will commence at TNCM, where participants are expected to log on. All pilots are pre-cleared for pushback and taxi at their own discretion to Runway 10, where our controllers will deliver takeoff clearances. However, this won’t be your average commuter flight, as we will be hosting a landing competition! After obtaining clearance to land on Runway 12, TFFR, the real fun begins! We will have IFAO representatives controlling at the destination airport, judging each landing. The winner will be determined from a composite score based on the judges’ opinions and scores. All pilots, regardless of status within IFAO, are welcome! Full air traffic control services will be provided at both airports. Please examine and observe all applicable NOTAMs and procedures, as failure to do so may entail penalties.

*Airspace restrictions are in effect during the duration of this event. Arrivals at TNCM and departures from TFFR are forbidden. Interfering aircraft will be reported. Non-event aircraft are asked to remain clear of airspace and airports utilized for this event.
*Pushback and taxi at TNCM is at pilot discretion. Be cautious of other aircraft and give way when necessary. When arriving at TFFR, exit left as briskly as possible to avoid conflicts.
*An aircraft using callsign FDS004 may be shadowing aircraft on final at TFFR. This is the chase plane being used for photography purposes.
*All participants are to fly either the Boeing 777-200ER or Cessna Citation X in Flying Development Studio colors. If a pilot does not have access to either aircraft, he/she may select an alternate. The Boeing 737 BBJ1 is prohibited.

Server: Playground Server
Cruise Altitude: 15,000 feet
Speed: 250-300 knots indicated airspeed
(Expect Vectors Near Airport)

The Infinite Flight Airline Organization


When’s this event ??

This Saturday

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So BBJ to win the competition then?

Thanks :) @Boeing707

I will be there and I am good at landings :) the BBJ with autoland that’s going to be hard to beat :)

well I am going to get my cessena citation and show u guys how to land

@Makeaflightforfun @ISHY199 If you read closely you will read that the 73G is forbidden…

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That was updated after we commented?

i’m confused with the date. 191800ZOCT15 for me its yesterday at 20h00 UTC+2

Same here, yet I read people say Saturday.

then edit the tile!

I think that I shall come along. I mean I have the C750, 73G and 772.

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@Henrik_B Just to add a little fun, I think you should post a video of a landing that we can benchmark ourselves with and we can know what to expect. That’s how competitions work anyways. Humble request.

If your really worried, they have a countdown on the website, so you can look at the countdown clock hence save the having to change the title.

Sorry guys, it’s meant to be for the 24 of October. :)


@Henrik_B, do you have any idea who ATC is?

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Agreed Divebuddha-I overlooked that.

Will talk to Henrik about this.

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