(CLOSED) IFAF Recruitment Event @ KNXP - 242359ZSEP17

Server: TS1

Region: SoCal

Airport: KNXP

Time: 2400Z

NOTAM: IFAF are very please to bring you our very first recruitment event, incorporating all of our fleet aircraft, you are invited to join our pilots as we fly from TwentyNine Palms AB to Tijuana Airport.
The lead pilot will have an Air Force callsign, TBA. Your job is to copy his flight plan and fly the route to MMTJ, either escorting our heavy aircraft in a fast jet or in a heavy transporting troops/cargo.

If you are interested, please request a gate.

We look forward to seeing you, should you have any questions or queries please PM me or visit www.ifairforce.weebly.com clicking “contact us” to enquire or join!
Alpha 01 @Mags885
02 @Samuel_Szeto
03 @Hizkya_Marchel
04 @Joe_Scott_Evans
Bravo 01 @Rolene_van_der_Westh
More to be added!


What date is it on? I’ve made the correct title format for you but don’t know the date :)

p.s Please change 2400Z to 0000Z as it only goes up to 2359Z 😉

(Edit: thanks!)


I’ve made the adjustment - I was trying to work out the date without losing the post! Haha


3 in the morning for me+ school! IMPOSSIBLE for me to make it. I’d love to attend though. But I can’t 😕

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I will be arranging another, as soon as I can free up some time for My own time zone (GMT). Apologies you can’t make this one, when I’m not flying in real life at a weekend - I’ll organise it!

Regards, Mags.


Ah! That sounds perfect. I hope it’ll be in the weekend and I can attend :P

(GMT+3 Istanboel if you wonder 😜)

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I’ll sure be there!!!

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Join the event or IFAF right now buddy?

When Is this starting ?

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2359Z (Zulu) on the 24th of Sep

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You have a gate dude! 👍🏼

wouh would be good trainning ^^ just im from germany and 2400Z would mean here 2.00 pm lel >.>

There will be a good time for us Europeans soon buddy!

I’m in… can’t wait to see you there guys (if i’m in)


You have a gate! Thanks for coming along :)

I won’t be able to do this event as I’m on my early shift at work, so when this event is happening, I’ll be asleep. Sorry

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It’s all good mate 👍🏼 Meet me in Slack!

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Thanks… peace from Indonesia!

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Guys please help… 2400Z in Indonesia mean what AM/PM

Use this to help