(CLOSED) IFAF Recruitment Event @ EGNX - 011800ZOCT17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: London

Airport: EGNX - East Midlands Airport

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: Our second Recruitment Event comes to Europe! Join us as we fly the length of the region, seeing the sights of southern England (cloud dependent πŸ˜‚) from low level using your favourite turbo-propped aircraft! (C130 or Dash8)

Our rules are similar to the previous event, follow the leader! Follow the IFAF Callsign, TBA, and copy their flight plan to end the flight at Bournemouth Airport. The flight plan is as detailed below - note: we will be using the open runways on the day, and routing to the flight plan via the airfields circuit if required.


Climb Speed - 200kts @ 2500ftpm
Cruise Alt/Speed - 6,000ft @ 240kts
Descend when 20nm from destination to 3000ft @ 1500ftpm, Speed as required.

Want to join us for this event? Request a gate, confirm your callsign and aircraft type!

Want more information on IFAF? Visit our website: www.ifairforce.weebly.com or goto our thread: Infinite Flight Air Force - Vires in Unitatis

Gate1: @Mags885 (IFAF-1) - C130J
Gate2: @Samuel_Szeto (IFAF-10) - C130J
Gate3: @Johann_Viljoen (IFAF-3) - C130J
Gate4: @johnnybravoe - Dash-8
Gate5: @Mickell_Augustine - Dash-8
Gate6: @PocketAviation - C130J
Gate7: @J9J9T - C130J
Gate8: @Mohammed_Abu_Omar - Dash8
Gate9: @ZaneDavis (IFAF-203) - C130J
Gate10: @Plnelovr - C130J
Gate11: @Jacob_Dodd - c130J
Gate12: @Cash_Hunte - Dash8
Gate13: @Mackenzie_holmes - Dash8
More can be added if required!!


Evening Gents!
Air Vice Marshall Johann Viljoen reporting for duty!

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I would like to participate in Dash 8.

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I would like to have a dash 8

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Are Cessna 208s allowed?

I suppose you can haha might take a while to complete the route though! πŸ‘πŸΌ

I’ll have gate 10 with the Flybe livery and the dash 8

Change to Royal Air Force C130j

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It’s yours! Thanks for joining us for the event!

I Can Join in a C130J USAF

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Gates yours! Thanks for the interest!

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C130 (RAF 50 ASL)

I will come along

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Awesome! I’ll give you a gate!

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I can join in dash8 qantas

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Gates yours! Looking forward to flying with you.

I would love to be part of this event, I’ll use the callsign IFAF-159 if possible. I’ll be coming in the c130!

Interested in the event. Would be Flying a dash8, callsign BAJAN246 heavy. Let me know the gate info please?

Yes I’ll come in the dash 8

All of your gates added agents! πŸ‘πŸΌ

C130 IFAF recrutment