(Closed)IFAE-GAF "Operation Closed Door" Airspace Denial sortie 120230ZMar18

Server: Expert

Region: Mideast


Time: 0230Z


AFCENT command has noticed an increase in Iranian Republican Guard Fighters over the Persian Gulf area particularly air space violations of Saudi, Qatari and Bahrainian airspace. In response to these potentially aggressive acts GAF will be stepping up patrols in the region.

Pilots will maintain ROEs and will not engage or cross over Iranian airspace. Flights will consist of F16s to provide SEAD and ECM coverage while F22s and F18s provide air Superiority roles.

Additionally fuel resources have become short at Ali Al Salem AB. KC10S will provide fuel lift to the airbase while C17s support with transport of new fuel regulators and equipment. Aircraft will offload supplies and RTB to OEPS.

This will be a dual mission operation and pilots are free to select mission participation of choice

Allied Aircraft availble: F16, F22, F18, C17, KC10
(IFAE-GAF will fly primary aircraft)

Call sign: (personal or VIPER, TALON, SHAKE, SUMIT or BINGO) with number.

Airport spawn OEPS.

ID’d threat: IRIAF F-14s (Armermnent +tanks)

Airport spawn OISS

Callsign: MANSOUR or AFEAA with number.

IRIAF will attempt to pursue Refuling flight to disrupt resupply chain.

Particpant ROES: allied aircraft will deter IRIAF from entering Saudi airspace. If engaged aircrsft will attempt to splash the target. Confirming splashes AC will hold pursued airframe in his for 60 seconds center line HUD with AC cross section in visual range upload slashes here on this thread for verification. If shotdown AC will incur a 2 minute penalty for rest before reengaging any others.

Hope to see some combat aviators this evening. Request side to join in comments section. Please let me know if you have any questions.

“Good hunting”




I cannot wait as always. Hope to see some good involvement!
//Brigadier General

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Are the applications open?


Yes applications to join can be found on our website at https://ops-ifae.com/gafsite/gafhome.html. you can also request through are facebook page at IFAE-Global Air Forces. we look forward to your application.

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Ok will definitely do so thank you!

One question I did apply twice (not trying to ask for my application to be viewed because I know that looks bad) because I was not sure if the application went through when I click the contact us button it redirects me to another page.

No worries, I can look into it as to why we cant see the application. In the mean time I can take care of you personally till we get things either repaired or solved. Just shoot me a pm with you IF stats to include total online flights and Vios, your time zone and preferred primary aircraft. If everything is in order I’ll publish your orders and get you on your way with us 😁.

Man, thank you so much I will definitely do that right now.

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