[Closed] IFAE-GAF “Coalition airlift” (Operation unified Front) @ HESH/OEPS - 181900ZMAR18

Server: Expert

Region: Egypt/Saudi Arabia

Airport: HESH/OEPS

Time: 1900Z

Mission brief: Increased hostilities in Yemen have caused concerned among the neighboring country of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Fighting has already spilled across these boarders causing the militaries of these nations to take action and a firmer stance on anti government forces and insurgencies both on the siani peninsula and in the San’a city of Yemen controled by Houthi rebels. The nations of Egypt and Oman have decide to send strategic support to Saudi Arabia. Oman Air Force C130s are being staged at HESH which has been converted from a civil operation to a assembly base for coalition forces. The Egyptian Air Forces have also sent C130s to be forward deployed to HESH. Both air forces will airlift troops and supplies to a vital and strategic airbase in Saudi Arabia at OEPS. Here coalition forces will assemble to ultimately provide region stability to the AOR and if necessary push into Yemen it’s self to defend.

Flight brief: Aircraft involved will consist of Royal Oman Air Force C130Js, Egyptian Air Force C130H. Air cover will be provided by IFAE-GAF FA16 and FA22.

Callsign Egyptian Air Forces: ADDAR
Callsign Royal Oman Air Forces: BANTA

FP: Copy lead ADDAR01

Depart HESH climb 220 below FL100, climb 260 above FL1000 cruise Alt FL300 at M0.80, 15 second interval departure authorized. Arrive OEPS

Crewstep: 1900Z

Respond with representing AF if particpating below.

“Excellence in all we do”


Very experienced pilots and lovely photos!


Thank you, we hope your able to join. Cheers!

This looks like a great well planned event! Kudos to @Asneed8706!



Thank you very much, we hope you can join us. Cheers.

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I’m all set and ready to go.

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We had a minor time confusion. We are now 1 hour away from showtime. Apologies!
//Brigadier General

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Is this for IFAE-GAF only? Or can other people join?

Why would it be for only GAF when we post it here? 👍🏻

Ok, I will be attending then…I will come in a Egyptian Air Force C130H

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I just wanted to get a chance to fly with IFAE because I will apply soon


We would be happy to have you.

Engine start, prepare cargo load at 48900Lbs pallets and personel.

We got 10 C-130s in so Far! Keep them coming!

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Feel free to post photos here as well. Looking great guys.

See you in Saudi Arabia! We’re already in the air.


I am a gas refueler do you need me to rendezvous with you guys

Spawn in a F-22 instead if you want

Thanks for flying today guys :) Happy landings!