[Closed] IF Bombardier VA first event! @ KASE - 241800ZMAR16

This event will feature the Dash-8 with one difference: its water pod. The French Civil Security Aircraft This will be a forest fire simulation that will require you to fly low over the forest, drop the water bomb (Reduce all cargo weight in Weight and Balance Settings) And head back to base.

When: 5PM ZULU / 12PM PST (Tursday 24th March)
Where: Denver, Advanced
Route: KASE-CO68 (Close)-KASE
Aircraft: Dash 8 (Civil Security)
Cruise at FL180

We hope to see you there!

Happy Landings
//Bombardier VA Admins


Good to see you got it worked out. See you there ;)

Yup, Carson moved it for me!

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