[CLOSED]IF All Jets Event @ KLAX - 270800ZMAY17

Server: Training

Region: *South California

Airport: KLAX-KNUC

Time: *0800Z 27MAY2017

NOTAM: *You may join this event with any jet in Infinite flight.FPL should be copied from @AdamTanA350 when spawned in the airport .
Fly up to 22,000 feet
*I would be leading the flight while you guys fly alongside me.Once in formation,we will do a formation break once passing KAVX and then resuming navigation to KNUC.Taxi to KNUC parking for a snapshot before leaving.Please inform me if you are joining so that I can assign u a gate and position during the formation flight.And please expect PM from me once I assign you a gate.This PM is regarding about the your positioning during the formation.

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Put me in please. Thanks

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Sure!I will message you the details!

Hey sorry man,this event is cancelled due to the lack of participation and the complexity of this flight.But I assure you I will make another event :)

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