Air Race Classics Tracking Thread

Info: 43rd Annual Air Race Classic

Image of A 01c ARC Route dates
Air Race Classic, Inc. is a nonprofit 501©(3) organization dedicated to:

  • Encouraging and educating current and future women pilots
  • Increasing public awareness of general aviation
  • Demonstrating women’s roles in aviation
  • Preserving and promoting the tradition of pioneering women in aviation

The ARC fulfills its mission in many ways, with the culmination being our annual cross-country air race. Women of all ages, backgrounds and professions, flying a wide variety of airplanes, continue the tradition of women’s air racing. Racers arrive a few days prior to the start of the race for pilot briefings and airplane inspections. The actual air race is four days, with every team taking off in order, 30 seconds apart. After the takeoff, teams strategize on how many legs of the race to fly each day, and which stop they are planning on spending the night along the route. Weather, wind, terrain and airplane performance all play a role, since the race must be flown in daylight hours. In some years, a team finishing the course in 2 days may be the winner. In other years, the team that arrives at the terminus just before the official deadline is the winner. The teams race against their own handicap, so whichever team beats their handicap speed by the most, wins. After 2 days of inspections, debriefings, and meetings with the scorer and the judges, the winners are announced at the final banquet.

43rd Annual Air Race Classic
North of the Border – Let’s Fly Canada
2019 Abbreviated Calendar of Activities
McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport, Jackson, TN to
Niagara Central Dorothy Rungeling Airport , Welland, ON Image of T06 Logo 2019

Entry Opening for Race Registration Wednesday Jan 2 12:00 EST
“Top Ten” Race Number Drawing Deadline Thursday Jan 31 23:59 EST
“Top Ten” Drawing & Race Number Assignment Saturday Feb 9 12:00 EST
Entry Closing for Racer Registrations Sunday Mar 31 23:59 EDT
Entry Closing for Airplane Registration & Handicap Scheduling Tuesday Apr 30 23:59 EDT
Handicap Flight Completion Deadline Friday May 31 23:59 EDT
Arrival Deadline Saturday Jun 15 12:00 CDT
All Contestant Briefing MANDATORY Sunday Jun 16 09:00 CDT
Takeoff Banquet MANDATORY Sunday Jun 16 18:00 CDT
Briefings MANDATORY Monday Jun 17 09:00 CDT
Takeoff Briefing MANDATORY Tuesday Jun 18 06:30 CDT
Start Takeoff Tuesday Jun 18 08:00 CDT
Finish Deadline Friday Jun 21 17:00 EDT
Score Sheet Signing Deadline Saturday Jun 22 14:00 EDT
First Time Racer’s Debriefing Saturday Jun 22 16:15 EDT
All Contestants Breakfast & Debriefing MANDATORY Sunday Jun 23 09:00 EDT
ARC Awards Banquet MANDATORY Sunday Jun 23 19:00 EDT


Airports Nautical Statute
KMKL McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport (Jackson, TN)
KLGC LaGrange Callaway Airport (Lagrange, GA) 246 283
KHBG Hattiesburg Bobby L Chain Municipal Airport (Hattiesburg, MS) 237 272
KSUZ Saline County Regional Airport (Benton, AR) 257 296
KLXT Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport (Lee’s Summit, MO) 277 319
KFRM Fairmont Municipal Airport (Fairmont, MN) 281 323
KAUW Wausau Downtown Airport (Wausau, WI) 220 253
KCIU * Chippewa County International Airport (Sault Ste Marie, MI) 231 265
CYAM Sault Ste Marie Airport (Sault Ste Marie, ON) 14 16
CYYB North Bay / Jack Garland Airport (North Bay, ON) 209 241
CYFD Brantford Municipal Airport (Brantford, ON) 198 228
CNQ3 Niagara Central Dorothy Rungeling Airport (Welland, ON) 46 53
** Fly-by only* Timing point
Total Race Distance: 2,216 2,549

Airport: McKellar Sipes Regional Airport (KMKL)
Friday Events: Pilots arrive, transported to a hotel, free dinner at Jackson Generals baseball game.
Saturday Events: Pancake Breakfast, More pilots arrive, Hangar party with adult beverages, (to be continued)

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I’m confused as to what this topic is for/about.

I just got home 1 moment.

Fixed it. Had some stuff to get put on.

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So this is a tracking thread about a Women’s air race? I’m a bit confused why you made this thread.

Because I will be helping out with the start of the race and it’s a major event in aviation.

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Just helping people keep up with what is happening.

Oh! Ok I get it. Thanks for clearing it up mate.

No problem. Pancake breakfast is tommorow. I’ve gotta be there at 6:30 am

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Status updated. I will keep updating as stuff happens throughout the day while I am there.

Pancake Breakfast Open

Breakfast over, setting up for youth event at 12

Nothing happening today. I believe the next day I’ll be at the airport will be on Tuesday. Also here is these from saturday:

Racers will depart at 8:00 am tommorow(CDT). I will be there taking pictures and posting them here.

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2 legs removed due to bad weather

Might be pushed back again in which case I’ll have to leave so I wont get photos.

Honestly idk what is going on with the race right now. I’ll update yall if I find out anything.

Unfortunately I had to leave so this topic can be closed now.