[Closed] HVA's Big Christmas Event @ PHNL - 241900ZDEC17

HVA’s Big Christmas Event!

NOTAM: Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!! I would like to invite everyone to PHNL for a Hawaiian Fly-Out Event! For this event, you can fly any of our routes on any aircraft (B712, B767) in our fleet. Please check down below for more info and make sure to check us out as with a new year, a new HVA is inbound for landing!

If another VA would like to participate, please PM me and you guys can get some gates for your VA

Server: Casual Server

Airport: PHNL

Aircraft: Boeing 767-300 or B717-200 (Hawaiian Airlines Livery)

Event Date: Sunday, December 24th, 2017

Takeoff Time: 1900Z
5:00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time
9:00 AM Hawaiian Standard Time
11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time
2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time


Gates At PHNL:

B767-300 Gates - Long Haul
Gate 26: @Balloonchaser - KPDX [HVA]
Gate 27: @Jmacd20 - PHX [HVA]
Gate 28: @Ryan_Vidad - KLAS [HVA]
Gate 29: @Krunchy_Toast - KLAX
Gate 30: @Matthew_Rush - KLAS
Gate 31: @Lufthansa_Airlines - KLAX
Gate 32: @SwissCrow - KSEA
Gate 33:
Gate 34:
(More Gates Available)

B717-200 Gates - Short Haul
Gate 19: @Brent_Adams [HVA]
Gate 20: [HVA Reserved]
Gate 21: @Lucas Piedra - PHKO
Gate 22: PocketAviation - PHOG
Gate 23:
Gate 24:
Gate 25:
(More Gates Available)

Our Routes From PHNL To Choose From:

Our Routes

B712 Routes From PHNL:
Hilo - PHTO
Kahului - PHOG
Kailua–Kona - PHKO
Lihue - PHLI

B763 Routes From PHNL:
Auckland - NZAA
Beijing–Capital - ZBAA
Brisbane - YBBN
Las Vegas - KLAS
Los Angeles - KLAX
New York - KJFK
Oakland - KOAK
Osaka–Kansai - RJBB
Pago Pago - NSTU
Papeete - NTAA
Phoenix–Sky Harbor - KPHX
Portland (OR) - KPDX
Sacramento - KSMF
San Diego - KSAN
San Francisco - KSFO
San Jose (CA) - KSJC
Sapporo–Chitose - RJCC
Seattle/Tacoma - KSEA
Seoul–Incheon - RKSI
Sydney - YSSY
Tokyo–Haneda - RJTT
Tokyo–Narita - RJAA

When Signing Up: Please say what route you would like


  • Make sure to turn on NAV :)

  • Have Fun (If you need a reminder for that)

If You Are:

In Hawaiian Virtual Airlines - Use your HVA Callsign
If you are coming from IFC - Use a Hawaiian Callsign

Hawaiian Virtual Airline’s Main Thread (Come Check Us Out)

Check the bottom of thread to see Sign Up Link

On a scale from 1-5 (5 being the best event you have ever heard of), How excited are you for this event?

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If you vote, you will be PM’ed.

Hope that you can join us!



Beijing is in oceania people!

Might wanna change it to ZBAA, and great looking event! Looks very organized!


Nice catch! Thank You! :)


i may or may not make it but put me done for the long haul


Roger! Gate 27 is yours for your route to PHX! :)

Hope that you can make it!

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The signup link is where?

There is no Sign Up link. Just comment what you would like your destination to be and a gate will be given! :)

HNL- LAS! I would like to be signed up asap!

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Roger! Gate 28 is yours to KLAS!

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28* lol, and thanks see you there ;)

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Thank You!

See you there! :)

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Just a reminder to vote on the poll and PM us on what HVA needs to improve on to improve our events!

I’d like to fly to PHTO

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Roger! Gate 19 is all yours!

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Thank you very much!

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hey i will be flying from HNL-LAS can i have a gate please

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Roger! Gate 30 is yours! @Matthew_Rush

I’ll reserve a gate. Long haul From HNL-LAX

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Sign me up! I’ll be doing the inter island to PHKO. Gate 21

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Roger! Gate 21 is yours!

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