[Closed] HVA’s Freezing To Beaching Event @ KJFK - 040400ZFEB18


“Do You Want To Build A Snowman”?

Nah! Lets Go To Hawaii!

Hawaiian Virtual Airlines has Revamped!
With the revamp we now have a new thread, crew center, website, Flight Booking, HVA Rewards and so many other crazy features! GUESS WHATS INCLUDED!?!? THATS RIGHT! GREAT NEW EVENTS!

Come check us out!

✿ Flight Details:

Server: Casual Server

Aircraft: Hawaiian Airlines - Boeing 767-300

Departure: John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK)

Arrival: Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (PHNL)

Date: Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Departure Time: 04:00 Zulu [0400Z]


2 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time
5 PM Hawaiian Standard Time [On The 3rd]
8 PM Pacific Standard Time [On The 3rd]
11 PM Eastern Standard Time [On The 3rd]
4 AM Greenwich Mean Time

This Event May Be On The 3rd For You! Comment Down Below and ill convert for you!

Projected Flight Time: 11 Hours


  • Please Spawn in roughly 5 minutes before our scheduled departure time
  • Runway for departure out of JFK is expected to be 31L and the runway for arrival into HNL is expected to be 08L. (May change due to weather conditions at time of event.)
  • Hawaiian Virtual Pilots who participate in this event will receive twice (2x) the hours flown.

✿ FlightPlan:



✿ Gate Assignments:

Hawaiian Virtual Pilots

Terminal 4: Gate B38 - @Balloonchaser [HVA231] - Leader
Terminal 4: Gate B36 - @Ryan_Vidad [HVA10]
Terminal 4: Gate B34 - @Lucas_Piedra [HVA1367]
Terminal 4: Gate B32 - @Brent_Adams [HVA722]
Terminal 4: Gate B30 - @Fly207 [HVA2969]
Terminal 4: Gate B28 - @ItsBlitz [HVA517]
Terminal 4: Gate B26 - @Cbro4 [HVA108]


Terminal 4: Gate B41 - @Captain_Ken
Terminal 4: Gate B39 - @thomasmorrison
Terminal 4: Gate B37 - @Goran12
Terminal 4: Gate B35 - @Moises_Vizcaino
Terminal 4: Gate B33 - @FlyingV

If you’d like a gate, please reply below in the comments. Ill get you a gate as soon as I possibly can.

✿ If You Are:

In Hawaiian Virtual Airlines - Use your HVA Callsign
If you are coming from IFC - Use a Hawaiian Callsign

Don’t Use a HVA Callsign if you are not in HVA

✿ Come Join Hawaiian Virtual on a Journey! ✿

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Sign Me Up. HVA 2969. It would be much better if we started on February 3rd though.


This alone was amazing. Interesting event.


I’d like to join this

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Oh my God, the title and the joke at the start really pushed the event.

If I could come, I would come

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Looks like HVA1367 should snag a spot! My home airport and a nice long haul fits just perfectly fine

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Just a tip, try to make the flight plans more realistic. Throw in some interesting turns over the U.S. The event format is perfect!

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When would be a better time to hold this event?

I’ll be flying! I’m not good at time. Do you know what time this will be for Western USA Time?

Can we hold this event at 12PM Western Time? Don’t know what time that is for you 😂 Sorry

Wait I can’t start at 12 PM Western USA Time. Go to bed at 9PM Western US. Maybe you can start the flight at 8AM Western US Time?

Didn’t know JFK was still under snow😂 sign me up

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Winds there must be bad on IF 😂👌😂👌

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That’s 3am eastern…def not work for me

Roger! Terminal 4: Gate B36 is yours!

Terminal 4: Gate B34 is yours

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Okie Dokie! Terminal 4: Gate B32 is yours!

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Terminal 4: Gate B30 is all yours!

Thanks for the great compliment!