(CLOSED) Hurricane Hunter Flight @ KMLB 012000ZSEP19

I know a Million other people did this flight but…
Ok so we are going to be flying around the general location of the hurricane feel free to suggest which way we could get the closest but for now we just follow me.

Aircraft and Livery: F-22, C130J,AC130,A10

  • Route: KMLB to MYGF

  • Time of Departure:2019-09-02T01:00:00Z

  • Server : Casual

  • Additional Information: Have fun! (and say your prayers)
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So, which airport do we meet you at? and can you insert the thing that converts the time to my time? Thanks!

Alright I fixed it Cya there!

I did this today from KRSW and boy 105 knt crosswinds had my plane dancing something fierce.

Ok, I’ll try to make it. I flew a flight similar to this last night and got up to 88 knot winds… so hopefully its even stronger today.

my current flight is running extremely late. Wont be able to make it, sorry :(

its fine, have fun!

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