[Closed] Huge Virtual Airline Collaboration Event @ KMIA - DD1800ZMMM16

Server: Advanced

Region: South Florida

Airport: KMIA

Time: 1800Z

Hey everybody,
It’s time to finally make this event we’ve been planning and organizing for weeks.
On Sunday, May 29th at 1800Z , pilots from TravelSky Airlines (@grxninesix), Skyliner Air (@B767fan), Airexpress.Jet (@Belfast_Spotter) , Hopper Airways (@Narroc_Wim) and RoyalAirVirtual (@Captain_Dan) meet up at KMIA (Miami Int’l, South Florida) for a huge virtual airline group flight with landing competition.

Everything will be explained here and now.
Please read closely!

The event will consist of two parts.
One being the group flight and one being the landing competition.
Let’s start at the very beginning. The participants. Dear “Team Leaders”, get as much pilots as possible for this event to make sure it was worth the effort. Any pilot from these airlines are welcome!

Technically you can use any plane in your airline’s fleet, but maybe define an aircraft or aircraft family within your airline to appear uniformly.

Either your assigned callsign (like at Skyliner with SKY001, SKY002, SKY003…) or a callsign like
TSKP01 (TravelSky Pilot 01) or RAVP32( RoyalAir Virtual Pilot 32), whatever your airline’s callsign is.

Then, next thing is spawn points.
We have a few spawn points / gates reserved for the team leaders and our IFES (@AnnieCorp_Inc) Pilots.
These spawn points will be:

D55: @BavariaAVIATION
D53: @grxninesix
D51: @Belfast_Spotter
D49: @B767fan
D47: @Narroc_Wim
D45: @Captain_Dan
D43, E23, F19, G19, H17, J16: IFES Fighters (@AnnieCorp_Inc)

For the airline pilots, we only reserved Terminal Concourses.
All pilots that are attending this for their airline: Contact your team member as soon as possible and they will give you a parking assignment. The Team leaders can use this for help.

TravelSky: E-Gates
Airexpress.Jet: G-Gates
Skyliner Air: F-Gates
RoyalAirVirtual: H-Gates
Hopper Airways: J-Gates

Now that this is done, let’s get to the event itself.

  • The first plane to pushback is me! No other planes on the taxiway before I haven’t pushed back!
  • One airline after the other! If the airline at the E-Gates have started to taxi and all taxiways are cleared for pushback, then start your pushback. Not earlier! We have the time, no chaos! The Fighter Pilot at your Terminal is the first one to pushback when it’s your airline’s turn. Once he is on the taxiway we all follow, you may push back.
  • No overtaking, follow the aircraft ahead of you. We all drive on the same taxiway to our runway, no short-cuts, stay with your airline!

Now, before we go airborne, the flight plan:


It’s only VORs to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Now for the flying order:
The flying order will de the following one:

  1. Team Leaders
  2. 2 Fighters
  3. TravelSky Airlines
  4. One Fighter
  5. Airexpress.Jet
  6. One fighter
  7. Skyliner Air
  8. One fighter
  9. Royal Air Virtual
  10. One fighter
  11. Hopper Airways

Always, again, always keep this flying order. NO OVERTAKING! Just follow the NOTAM and this event will be amazing, trust me.

Cruise Altitude: 17000ft
Cruise Speed: 350kts (200kts until everyone is airborne!)

If we have an Approach controller at KTPA, this will be much easier, but generally, be at 10000ft at LAL! And expect vectors, maybe even a bit earlier.
At KTPA, we will have our landing competition. Our judges are @Thomas_Thuta and @tranquil_skyflyer. I will tell you guys where to park at KTPA and which runway to judge at.
Our judges will evaluate the landings in a 5 star rating. With all the ratings we get an average rating which defines the best airline from those participating, our winner.

Now that we’ve landed in KTPA, it’s time for parking assignments again, but this time in “light mode”.

@BavariaAVIATION, @grxninesix, @Belfast_Spotter, @B767fan, @Narroc_Wim, @Captain_Dan, IFES Fighters (@AnnieCorp_Inc)

TravelSky Airlines

Hopper Airways

Royal Air Virtual


Skyliner Air

No specific parking assignments needed here, just park at the concourse assigned to you and grab a free parking spot. To find your concourse, use this.
After the event you can make some screenshots of the entire group.

And once again,
please guys, follow everything listed above to let this event turn out insane. It was so so so so so much work to get this baby organized and planned, so I really hope for your interest.

But that’s it now.
For further questions which are not already answered in the text above, drop a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them. I really hope you’re looking forward as much as I do to this event and you will enjoy it.

BavariaAVIATION, TravelSky Airlines


nice event . i will be thier

Which VA are you attending for?

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Guys, just a reminder,
Event takes place today at 1800Z!

If you can join it’s time to contact your team leader!


iam with skyliner !!

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Event starting in 5 hours!

I am excited!

Please edit RoyalAirVA - to Royal-PortSide (we merged)

Event starting in one hour!

Event starting in about 5 minutes.
Gather at your assigned gates now.
@tranquil_skyflyer @Thomas_Thuta expect us to arrive at KTPA at about 1845Z.

Alright, let’s go!

Can I come spectate? I’ll spawn in one of the nearest airports, to avoid disturbance

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I had to leave because a thunder has hit my neighbour’s house.
The event is cancelled…


Is it postponed?

Eventually. Not going to take place in near future though.

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Lightning strike? Oh noes…

Guys please next time

###Come in the event! :)

Nope, I’m not doing that again.

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Or deal with the Bavaria!

No. If he doesn’t want, he doesn’t want.
I prepare a very nice and huge event for our next big VA step!

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