[CLOSED] Huge Screenshot Session @ KSNA - 301800ZJUL16

Haha! I just wanted to keep the title consistent as the last one so it’s easier for people to find it.

I’m not sure if you would see them at the same time, but I know horizon air serves two destinations from SNA.

I’ll take the DHL 757-200

DHL doesn’t fly to KSNA unfortunately. You can be a UPS 757 instead if you want.

How about UPS @CptNathanHope
When is it BTW

I’ll put you in Cargo 2 then. It’s this Saturday at 1800Z.

Cool see you then

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Only 8 parking spots left!

I like it better if all gates weren’t full because in the real world you don’t see terminals filled to the max. If they filled though, the screenshots will be better!

I agree but then maybe you could add some sort of flight after that

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I will come from MMTJ, Thats why i chose Gate 1

I want to keep the realism so I had to switch your gate.

Ok no problem

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So just to confirm, it’s this Saturday at 1800Z

That is correct.

Cool - I’ll be camping that day so I’ll have to make sure I have wifi at that time haha

@SkyHighGuys there has been a date change. :)

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Whew YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Lol if it’s on a weekend I’m in (not this weekend unfortunately). But I’m hoping I can join lol

Changed myself to GA east from GA west.

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Can you post the pictures when you have taken them?


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