[CLOSED] Huge Screenshot Session @ KSNA - 301800ZJUL16

Thanks for inviting me again (:
Go ahead and reserve any gate for me and let me know which aircraft to bring (:
I am good with any. 👍🏼

@CptNathanHope hi I’ll take Gate 6 please. I’ll be in an Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air Dash 8-Q400. Thanks!

@SkyHighGuys you’ve been added.
@elisua I gave you gate 17 in a SWA 738.
@AtomicHerbster4 you’ve been added thanks to @The_Greatest_Basket for doing so.
@Captain_Rojas thanks for assisting others in my time of rest.

Hopefully you all could make it! At this point, I’m going to have to move it to this weekend, but let’s give it another day for last minute users to join! Remember if spots are filled, you can still fly in and park at a gate once it empties, just make sure you use the KSNA chart that I provided. :)


What time is it going to be?

If I feel like spots are filled enough, which it certainly almost is, I’ll move it Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday are fine for me.
is it going to be at 1800Z?

Saturday please 🙏🏼

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I cannot do Friday because it is a work day, how about the weekend?

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Looks like it will be Saturday

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Ok, by popular demand I’ll move it to Saturday at 1800Z. I provided a Zulu time converter somewhere in the beginning of this topic.


No problem! That’s why I’m here, to help out! :D Back on topic though, I am able to go in Saturday! :D


Delta a 319. any parking spot

@Cameron_Brown I accidentally forgot to add you! I put you in cargo 2 in a UPS 757.

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Please pick a different livery, terminal A is already filled.

Terminal A is filled to the maximum! You can either fly in and wait for the gate to be available or you can change to a UAL A320 instead at terminal B? The choice is yours.

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thanks. ill do that please UAL A320.

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You’ve been added!

I just found out that Horizon Air Dash 8s only park at Gates 1 and 2. @AtomicHerbster4 and @R_Jordanian I just switched your places. Check the parking list.

Should this be “Not So Huge Screenshot Session”? Kidding

Would you find 2 Dash 8s there at the same time? If not I can change aircraft and gate.