[CLOSED] Huge Screenshot Session @ KSNA - 301800ZJUL16

Photos only and maybe a flight afterwards.

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i meant alaska

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Sounds good.

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Thanks for creating my suggestion! And how ironic August the 6th is the worst date for me. Is there any chance that the event could be this Saturday? Or any day before the 3rd? I know that only gives about a week of leeway but you did just post this today

If spots fill up by the end of this week, I’ll move it to this weekend.

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So sorry for my request, but is there any possible way I can switch to gate 9?

You’ve been switched.

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I’ll take a GA East, C172.

I’ll take an A gate in my Horizon Dash 8

You’ve been assigned to Gate 2

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Sorry but could you change the date to the 7th please? ;D and if not… I’ll try and sign me up for Gate 6 A320 AAL

I’m going to move the date earlier, preferably this weekend, if all spots or most spots are filled.

I’d like to take the GA East gate in a Cessna 208. Thanks

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The 787 update should be out by then, sooo…

Terminal B, Gate 11. In a United 787-9 or a United 737-800. :)

Yeah I’ll test the GA Parking areas to see which is big enough for an a318


Can I park at the Lyon Air Museum? If not I can park at Signature Flight Support.

Can the A318 fit there?

I’ll put you in a 737-800, 787s don’t go to KSNA.


Yes at both. Though it is a little big at the second one.

I’ll put you in signature flight support.