[CLOSED] Huge Screenshot Session @ KSNA - 301800ZJUL16

Server: Advanced

Region: Southern California

Airport: KSNA - John Wayne-Orange County Airport

Time: 1800Z (date and time are subject to change)

NOTAM: Only use the airlines that come to KSNA

Hello again! Do any of you remember my last screenshot event?

Yes, I am doing another one! Last time, there were problems with rendering all the aircraft because of the high number of them at such a large airport. This time, I decided to take it to slightly smaller airport, KSNA!

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I am basically trying to take a bunch of screenshots to depict what these airports, in this case KSNA, would look like in the real world on a typical day. Your goal is to park in the spaces actually serviced by the certain airline or taxi to the real gate. This time, I want to also have some general aviation at the airport to make it more lively. Airports don’t just have these jets, they can also have small props in a few places.

Like last time, you will be able to reserve a gate. Please pay close attention to the real world gate assignments! If you would like to request a gate, you can add you name to the list or ask another regular to do it for you.

Final words: The largest scheduled passenger aircraft there is a delta 757, so there can only be one passenger 757 at the airport. If you want to use the 757, remember, first come first serve, so be quick. FedEx and UPS only operate cargo there but FedEx doesn’t use a 777, so use the C208 or a generic 757, if you want. There are three terminals, A, B, and C. A has gates 1-8, B has 9-14, and C has 15-20. I know that GA spaces are limited, so I would recommend flying into the airport and parking in the many GA spots that are not listed in the sim.

Here are the parking spaces/terminals according to airline:

Terminal A - Alaska, American, Delta, Horizon, WestJet

  • Gate 1: AtomicHerbster4 (QXE Dash-8 Q400)
  • Gate 2: a380fan (QXE Dash-8 Q400)
  • Gate 3: Nolan_Caroll (DAL A319)
  • Gate 4: HV (DAL 757-200)
  • Gate 5: dylan_dylan31 (DAL A319)
  • Gate 6: R_Jordanian (ASA 737-900)
  • Gate 7: Captain_Rojas (AAL 737-800)
  • Gate 8: CptNathanHope (AAL A321)

Terminal B - United

  • Gate 9: sk28 (UAL 737-800)
  • Gate 10: Matt_Elphick (UAL A320)
  • Gate 11: FlyFi (UAL 737-800)
  • Gate 12: Hamza_Adan (UAL 737-900)
  • Gate 13: hubandspoke1 (UAL 737-800)
  • Gate 14: Mix56awesome (UAL 737-800)

Terminal C - Frontier, Southwest

  • Gate 15: Lin_Yifan (SWA 737-700)
  • Gate 16: GolferRyan (SWA 737-700)
  • Gate 17: elisua (SWA 737-800)
  • Gate 18: Neal_Jha (SWA 737-700)
  • Gate 19: Benny87654321 (SWA 737-800)
  • Gate 20: MarLatiSpotter (FFT A318)

Here are the GA Parking Assignments:

  • Atlantic Aviation:
  • GA East: The_Greatest_Basket (C172)
  • GA West: YYJPilot6590 (SR22)
  • Signature Flight Support: NetJets_Nick (A318 ACJ)
  • Sky High Sports:

Here are the Cargo Parking assignments:

  • Cargo 1: A320fan (UPS 757-200)
  • Cargo 2: Cameron_Brown (UPS 757-200)

Check out the chart for KSNA to solve any parking confusions:

Let’s make this event as successful as the last one! :D


Hi! I will be able to go if the date is after July 28! I will be there in the 737-800 American Airlines livery, gate 7 please terminal A! Thanks!

I am planning to host it sometime in the first week of August, so stay tuned! You’ve also been assigned to your parking spot.

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Awesome thanks! I’ll definitely be able to go if that’s when the event will be!

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Event will be Saturday August 6, 2016 at 1800Z! Here’s a Zulu time converter to prevent any confusion about time zones!

date and time are subject to change

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Can you move it back a bit? 9am is too early for me

I can move to 1800Z if that works

Should be able to make it. Will check back when it’s closer to time

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I will try to be there. I fly as NetJets so you’ll have a A318 ACJ there!

Would it be possible to land there and then go to our parking spot? :)

I will park at Atlantic aviation.

Can you test to see if it’s big enough for an A318, if you don’t mind?

Yes, as long as you use the chart I linked!

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Ok thanks! I will use the KSNA chart! :)

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I’ll be there in my trusty WN 737! 😄

Gate 12 United 737-800 please!

You’ve been assigned!

I’ll be at gate 5 in a delta a319 :) can’t wait!

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Just to be clear, are we going to be flying, or just taking photos at the gate?

@R_Jordanian you wish there was a AAL 737-900