[Closed] Huge Screenshot Session @ KPDX - 281400ZAUG16

Server: Expert

Region: Pacific Northwest

Airport: KPDX - Portland Intl.

Time: Sunday, August 28, 2016 @ 1400Z (subject to change)

NOTAM: Only use real world airlines with their real world equipment, appropriate to the airport

Check out my last event:

Hello all! :)

Yes, I’m back again with another screenshot session. These really seem to be a huge hit so I decided to plan another one! I’m going to change the setting and head up the west coast up to the state of Oregon to the city of Portland. KPDX is the airport for this event, not as small as KSNA, but not as big as KLAX. Hopefully your like Alaska Airlines because this airport is filled with Alaska planes. If you’re a veteran to these events, you should know the ropes, if not, I will explain again.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I am basically trying to take a bunch of screenshots to depict what these airports, in this case KPDX, would look like in the real world on a typical day. Your goal is to park in the spaces actually serviced by the certain airline or taxi to the real gate.

Like last time, you will be able to reserve a gate. Please pay close attention to the real world gate assignments! If you would like to request a gate, you can add you name to the list or ask me or another regular to do it for you. Remember, only use the real world airlines with the real world equipment, this means I shouldn’t see an Aeroflot A321 at the airport because they don’t fly there and they don’t use that equipment. Got it? Good! Now let’s move on.

The terminals and gates are mainly centered in the middle of the airfield, so the ATC tower gives a good view of everything. For those who want to use cargo planes, keep in mind that the cargo terminal is pretty far off from the rest of the action, so your plane may or may not render for others. Just a final word, there are some aircrafts that IF currently does contain, so you can cut corners with those. I know Hawaiian uses an A332 on their KPDX but you’ll have to use the 767-300 instead. Frontier uses an A321 or A319 on their routes, just use the A318 as a compromise. Delta does use 767s and 757s using Gates D7-D9

Now for the gate assignments. International aircraft use Gates D10 to D15. Delta Airlines uses A330s and 767s in their Amsterdam and Narita routes, respectively, those are at Gates D14 and D15.

South Terminal

Concourse A - Horizon Air (Dash 8s Only)

  • Gate A1: Lin_Yifan (QXE Dash 8 Q-400)
  • Gate A2: Mix56awesome (QXE Dash 8 Q-400)
  • Gate A3:
  • Gate A4:
  • Gate A6:
  • Gate A9:
  • Gate A10:
  • Gate A11:
  • Gate A12:
  • Gate A13:
  • Gate A14:
  • Gate A15:

Concourse B - Horizon Air (Dash 8s Only)

  • Gate B1: Rock77 (QXE Dash 8 Q-400)
  • Gate B2:
  • Gate B3A:
  • Gate B3B:

Concourse C - Alaska Airlines, American Airlines/Eagle, JetBlue, Southwest

  • Gate C1: elisua (ASA 737-800)
  • Gate C2: TACA321 (ASA 737-800)
  • Gate C3: Seth_Kaplan (ASA 737-900)
  • Gate C4: MarLatiSpotter (ASA 737-800)
  • Gate C5:
  • Gate C6
  • Gate C7:
  • Gate C8: Vignesh_S (AAL A320)
  • Gate C9: mkafula (AAL A321)
  • Gate C10:
  • Gate C11:
  • Gate C12: dylan_dylan31 (JBU A320)
  • Gate C13: hubandspoke1 (JBU A320)
  • Gate C14: ChiknNRiceGaming (JBU A320)
  • Gate C15:
  • Gate C16:
  • Gate C17:
  • Gate C18:
  • Gate C19:
  • Gate C20:
  • Gate C21:
  • Gate C22:
  • Gate C23:

North Terminal

Concourse D - Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines/Connection, Frontier, Hawaiian Airlines, Icelandair, Southwest, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin America,

  • Gate D1: Klohi (UAL A320)
  • Gate D2: Infinite.flight (NKS A320)
  • Gate D3: Cameron_Brown (NKS A320)
  • Gate D4: Kieran_Lockhart (DAL A319)
  • Gate D5: sk28 (UAL A320)
  • Gate D6: hmkane (SWA 737-700)
  • Gate D7:
  • Gate D8: Liam_Kirk (DAL 757-200)
  • Gate D9: CptNathanHope (DAL 757-200)
  • Gate D10: legofiure1 (HAL 767-300)
  • Gate D11: 49ers_fan (DAL 757-200)
  • Gate D12:
  • Gate D13:
  • Gate D14: R_Jordanian (DAL A330)
  • Gate D15: The_Greatest_Basket (DAL 767)

Concourse E - Air Canada/Express, United Airlines/Express

  • Gate E1: PlanesForLife (UAL 737-800)
  • Gate E2: Bulba (UAL 737-900)
  • Gate E3:
  • Gate E4:
  • Gate E5:
  • Gate E6: GolferRyan (UAL CRJ-200)
  • Gate E7: Matt_Elphick (JZA Dash 8 Q-400)
  • Gate E9:
  • Gate E10:
  • Gate E12:

Cargo Parking

Cargo Terminal - UPS, FedEx Express/Feeder, DHL

  • Cargo UPS 1:
  • Cargo UPS 2:
  • Cargo UPS 3:
  • Cargo UPS 4:
  • Cargo UPS 5:
  • Cargo UPS 6:
  • Cargo FedEx 1:
  • Cargo FedEx 2:
  • Cargo FedEx 3:
  • Cargo FedEx 4:
  • Cargo DHL 1: turkish534 (SOO 772)
  • Cargo DHL 2:
  • Cargo DHL 3:
  • Cargo DHL 4:
  • Cargo DHL 5:

Use this chart to avoid confusion on parking spaces:



Wiki it, i wanna add my name

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I’ll be a United A320 at D1 North terminal :D

Just a quick tip, don’t fill all the gates with aircraft. IRL not every gate has an aircraft on it, and also have some aircraft taxing/pushing back.

I would join but I do t have live 😔

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Could,you post the screenshots again?


I will as usual. :)

You’re added! :)

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Thanks! i would like it, but I’m out of likes!

Add me in! Delta 767. I’m too lazy to add myself in 😂

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You’re added! :)

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Could you change the region?

No, sorry. I’ll do other regions in the future. :)

Ok ;) Thanks!

United Dash 8 Gate E1 please!

United doesn’t use Dash 8s at PDX, unfortunately. You’ll have to choose another aircraft.

Alaska Airlines (B739) Gate C3 please

You’ve been added!

What about a 737-800?

Might come, I’ll keep you posted

Please reserve a Horizon Air gate for me.