[Closed] Huge Screenshot Session @ EGKK - 281600ZDEC16

I’ll come. Picked my gate. It’s the one the Manx flight flies from 99%of the time

I’m aware of this. This is why I wrote what’s above.

Do they really? I checked scheduling and didn’t see any. They only use the 738 and 739s. Where’d you find this out?

Ahh ok sorry. I didn’t see the “replaces” bit. I’ve seen for myself recently A321s parked at the stand at LGW.

Can I reserve just in case I can come? It’s at midnight for me so there’s a 50/50 chance of me coming.

I don’t have gate preference, any will do. :)

Hmm, I just relise that this event may clash with my schedule. I’ll confirm it once I can come. If I can come, I will bring my VA B789 in ;)

I’ll keep the 739 for now. :) Would you like a gate?

It’s alright if you don’t, I understand. :)

Gate 27 is all yours!

Would you like to reserve a gate now, just in case?


Yeah, any gate will do.

That top photo looks like something you’d see at my local airport.

Gate 4 for you.[quote=“PlaneCrazy, post:29, topic:84866, full:true”]
That top photo looks like something you’d see at my local airport.

Yep. That’s the ultimate goal of these events. The top photo was at KSNA. Is that your local airport?


Hey where i can sign up ? I should take Vueling A320 on gate 55 north or less ;)

I put myself down in EasyJet A320

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I wish I could come but Im flying to Tirana on the 28th from Gatwick

I think the a321 does the TK1998 route which departs at 16:20 but sometimes they use the 737 instead

I might be able to make it.

No sign up needed, just comment your plane and gate number as you rightly did so. Since gate 55 has multiple sections, I’ve assigned you to gate 552. :)

I guess you guys convinced me enough. I’ll add the A321 to the aircraft assignments.

Do you want to reserve a gate for the time being?

Nope, I live about 2000 miles North East from there. But I have flown in to KSNA.

I will when I figured out what plane I want to come with. Hard decision.

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I’ll attend! You’re events are one of the best ones!

Thank you, sir. Much appreciated!

Which plane and gate would you like?