[Closed] Huge Screenshot Session @ EGKK - 281600ZDEC16

Server: Expert (subject to change)

Region: London, United Kingdom

Airport: EGKK - London-Gatwick

Time: December 28th, 2016 @ 1600Z (subject to change)

NOTAM: Please use airlines that correspond to the terminals. :)

Hey everyone! :)

I will be hosting another one of my huge screenshot events. The setting, this time around, will take place at London-Gatwick Airport! Since my last screenshot event was a while ago, I will [briefly] explain the outline of it.

The primary objective here is to fill up gates at a selected airport, in this case Gatwick, and have players spawn in the real world airlines that fly there and park at the real world terminals and gates for the corresponding airline. All players will either stay at their gates or taxi around the airport taking candid screenshots of the other planes standing at the gates. Here are some examples:

Once I, and others, take some screenshots, we will do a short group flight, if time permits, to another airport to top it all off.

Below, I will provide gate numbers that you can be assigned to and I will provide the planes that can be used. Some airlines are assigned to certain piers and gate numbers so I have marked those down. I have sorted gates based on body size. If there’s a wide-body gate, you can still have a narrow-body park there but you can’t park a wide-body at a narrow-body gate. There are some restrictions to what aircraft can be used because they are either not in game for us to use, or the livery hasn’t been updated to a more recent one. There are also planes we will be using that may not be used in real life at Gatwick, but I unfortunately have to adjust to the best compromise. Please use the aircraft I have set in place.

In closing, please remember that reality is key so try to keep things as realistic as possible in this event. Be sure to choose your aircraft wisely. If you do choose one but aren’t happy with it, you’re always free to change. If you want a gate, simply comment below or edit it in yourself if you’re a regular. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to either PM me or respond below in the thread.

Aircraft Options (these are aircraft you're allowed to use)
  • Aer Lingus A321 (replaces A320)
  • Aeroflot A320
  • Air Europa E-195 (replaces B738)
  • British Airways A319, B772
  • Cathay Pacific A333 (replaces A359)
  • EasyJet A319, A320
  • Emirates A380
  • Flybe E-195
  • Iberia A321 (replaces Iberia Express A321)
  • Icelandair B752
  • Norweigian Air Shuttle B738, B789
  • Royal Air Maroc B738
  • Ryanair B738
  • TAP Portugal A320
  • Thomas Cook A321
  • Thomson Airways B738, B788, B789
  • Tunisair A319
  • Turkish Airlines A321, B739 (replaces B738)
  • Ukraine International Airlines B739
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways A346, B789 (replaces B747, A333)
  • Vueling A320
  • Wizz Air A320
Gate Assignments (feel free to edit if you're a regular)

Here’s a chart of the parking spaces for referencing:

Gate = Narrow-body
Gate = Wide-body
Gate = A380

South Terminal (Air Europa, Aer Lingus, Cathay Pacific, EasyJet, Flybe, Iberia, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Ryanair, TAP Portugal, Thomas Cook Airlines, Tunisair, Turkish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic):

  • Gate 1:
  • Gate 2:
  • Gate 3:
  • Gate 4:
  • Gate 5:
  • Gate 6:
  • Gate 7:
  • Gate 10:
  • Gate 11:
  • Gate 12:
  • Gate 13:
  • Gate 14: BavariaAVIATION (TAP A320)
  • Gate 15:
  • Gate 16:
  • Gate 17:
  • Gate 18
  • Gate 19:
  • Gate 20:
  • Gate 21:
  • Gate 22:
  • Gate 23: dush19 (CPX A333)
  • Gate 24: Kyle.Plane (NAX B738)
  • Gate 25: Henrik (NAX B789)
  • Gate 27:
  • Gate 28: Ivan_Lin (RYR 738)
  • Gate 31:
  • Gate 32:
  • Gate 33:
  • Gate 34:
  • Gate 35:
  • Gate 36:
  • Gate 37:
  • Gate 38:
  • Gate 41:
  • Gate 42:
  • Gate 43:

North Terminal (British Airways, EasyJet, Emirates, Icelandair, Royal Air Maroc, Thomson Airways, Vueling):

  • Gate 46:
  • Gate 47:
  • Gate 48:
  • Gate 49:
  • Gate 50:
  • Gate 51:
  • Gate 52:
  • Gate 53: Ninetales (BAW B772)
  • Gate 54:
  • Gate 551: Cameron_Brown (BAW A319)
  • Gate 552: Ronan_Viannaye (VLG A320)
  • Gate 553: Mix56awesome (EZY A319)
  • Gate 554: Adam Callow (EZY A319)
  • Gate 57: Xpheros (EZY A320)
  • Gate 58:
  • Gate 59:
  • Gate 60:
  • Gate 61:
  • Gate 62:
  • Gate 63:
  • Gate 64: a380fan (TOM B789)
  • Gate 65:
  • Gate 66:
  • Gate 67:
  • Gate 68:
  • Gate 101:
  • Gate 102:
  • Gate 105:
  • Gate 106:
  • Gate 107:
  • Gate 108:
  • Gate 109:
  • Gate 110: FlyFi (UAE A380)
  • Gate 111: CptNathanHope (EZY A319)
  • Gate 112: R_Jordanian (TCX A321)
  • Gate 113:

If you got this far, congrats! Thank you all for taking the time to read this and thanks for participating in this event! :)

Interested in my past events?


I suggest everyone uses this to find out what terminal there airline parks at.
iFly Airport Guide HD by Red Cirrus LLC
Click on airline then you can scroll through to find yours and it says what terminal. There is also terminal gate numbers on a maps page.

I’ll try to attend these are cool!


Thanks, Riley. I’m glad you enjoy them. :)

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I’ll see if I can make it. :)


Love these so much

Quick question, would it be better if we all bunched up in consecutive gates? I’d be more than happy to change to the northern terminal if it produces a better screenshot. :)

It would be better, but if some want to spread out, they’re welcome to do so. :)

You can change your gate if you’d like. I don’t mind.

December 16 is when my live expires ;( I’ll see if I can renew it.

The event date is actually the 28th, not the 16th. :)

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I’m sorry, I actually don’t have the London region anyway ;( but I can still buy it for Christmas! I will notify you if I’m able to make it.

Sounds good. It’s a good thing I scheduled this event after Christmas. ;)

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Count me in, Thomas Cook A321.

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I would like to Join! Seems I’ll come with Garuda’s B77W, British Airways B789 or Virgin Atlantic’s B789. I’ll edit this post later to decide the aircraft ;)

I’ll join =) (British Airways 777-200ER or Monarch 757-200)

I’ll come in the Thomson 789

I might come, timing seems perfect.

Do you have a gate preference?

Please have a peek at the aircraft options I have provided (click the arrow). The only option you can choose out of your options is the VIR 789.

It will have to be the BAW 772. The Monarch 752 isn’t on the aircraft options list. Take a peek at the aircraft options list.

Do you have a gate preference?



Hmm could I have gate 64 please?


Hope to see you there. :)

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I’ll come in a Turkish Airlines B739.

Do Virgin Atlantic use the A346 and B789 from LGW? I looked it up and couldn’t find any sort of indication for the B789, although the A346 had been spotted there but was quite rare.

And another thing: the TK A321 also operates out of LGW.