[CLOSED] [HUGE REALISTIC] Auckland, New Zealand Fly Out // Across the Tasman We Go! @NZAA - 162000ZNOV19

Realistic Auckland International Fly Out

Across the Tasman we Go!


Auckland Airport is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand, with over 21 million passengers in the year ended March 2019. The airport is located near Mangere, a residential suburb, and Airport Oaks, a service hub suburb 21 kilometres south of the Auckland city centre It is both a domestic and international hub for Air New Zealand, and is the New Zealand hub of Virgin Australia and Jetstar Airways.

Real life Air New Zealand 787-9

About The Event

Air New Zealand flys the Tasman ocean 58 times in one day, These flights to Australia, make the business the most money, Because of this it is the best known route for passengers among the two countries. Air New Zealand is known for its customer satisfaction and its reputation to never disappoint passengers.

  • We wanted to make this event to show to the world Air New Zealand’s most used flight route, this distance is covered by a range of aircrafts, A320, 777’s, 787-9. Infinite flight has acsess to only the A320, 787-9 and the 777-3. Therefore are the aircrafts for this event. We will spawn into Auckland International at the time displayed in #eventinformation we will push back soon after that. You will need to comment a gate that suits the route you have a choice of 5 destinations listed below that you want to take, the aircraft and default livery will be displayed as well. Have a look and comment your gate.

This event is owned and operated by Virtual New Zealand (vNZ)

Gates @NZAA (Auckland) for your destination


Remote - 81 | 787-9 | ANZ | @TK_ARMY_NZ
Remote - 80 | 787-9 | ANZ | name
Remote - 79 | A320 | ANZ | @Bongani_Nkosi
Remote - 78 | A320 | ANZ | @Declan_O


Remote - 74 | 777-3 | ANZ | name
Remote - 75 | 777-3 | ANZ | name
Remote - 76 | A320 | ANZ | name
Remote - 77 | A320 | ANZ | name


Gate - 02 | 787-9 | ANZ | name
Gate - 04 | 787-9 | ANZ | name
Gate - 06 | 777-3 | ANZ | name
Gate - 08 | 787-9 | ANZ | @Jase_Toi


Gate - 09 | 787-9 | ANZ | @Lu_ke
Gate - 10 | 787-9 | ANZ | @TheFlyingKiwi
Gate - 05 | 787-9 | ANZ | @matt_hulena
Gate - 01 | A320 | ANZ | @Aidan_Soper
Gate - 03 | A320 | ANZ | @Thiago_Silva
Gate - 07 | A320 | ANZ | @Airbalticcommunity


Remote - 19 | 787-9 | ANZ | name
Remote - 18 | 777-3 | ANZ | name
Remote - 17 | 787-9 | ANZ | name
Gate - 16 | 777-3 | ANZ | @EpicNYC04
Gate - 15 | 787-9 | ANZ | name

Event Information

Server : Expert Server
Default Livery : Air New Zealand (ANZ)

Sydney - 2hrs 45min
Melbourne - 3hrs 40min
Brisbane - 3hrs
Adelaide - 4hrs 30min
Perth - 6hrs 20min


Please comply with all ATC instructions, if your not to comply, ghosting will be adequate in making a decision. You will Taxi and Depart 10 minutes after spawning you must be cleared from ATC to pushback, taxi, and take-off. VNZ006 will be pushing back first.
Lastly have fun and we hope to see all of you there

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-vNZ Management

Event creator @Matt_Hulena


I’ll take remote 79

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its says 19 Nov on the title, but 16 Nov in the details, what date is it?

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@Aero Hey there the title is correct, you are reading the Month that the event is happening and the year. The date of the event is the (16) at the start and is under #eventinformation
Hope i cleared things up. Will you be wanting a gate?

Thank you for signing up, Will put you into your gate now, hope to see you there.
-Kind regards vNZ Management

Man i wish i was with you guys right now for this event but im in TRAINING SERVER NOT EXPERT.
oh well i just need more landing and XP to get their and if i do ill go in these live events.:)

Hey there, sorry to hear that, cant wait for you to be able to join us eventually, will be great. hopefully see you round

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thank you :D

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Can I go gate 1 please. There is a small chance that I won’t be able to attend but I am just securing the gate.

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Thanks for trying to attend, hope to see you there. Will put you into gate 01

Can I get gate 16 at Perth? 77W


Thank you for entering you are in… gate 16 to perth

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There are still Gates available Comment below

Can you put me on Gate 03 to Sydney?

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Hey there glad to have you with us, will enter you onto gate 03 now hope to see you there on saturday

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There are only two days until the event. Sign up now!!

Can I change to gate 10 or is it to late

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@TheFlyingKiwi Yes! We are happy to change your gate, no problem at all. On to it now thanks for letting us know

Auckland International Airport


Hi I would like to take Gate 79 please

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