[Closed] Huge Fort Lauderdale Fly-Out @ KFLL - 151600ZDEC18


It’s in the first post of the thread. You can’t miss it.


Can I take B05 SWA to MDPC Punta Cana Airport


I’ve added you. See you at the event!


May I be the Southwest 737 to Aruba?


Gate A03 is yours, Jonathan. Thanks for joining! :)


@Nathan I’m sorry again. I would like a gate change to the ESSA flight. Thanks.

Gate E01.


Nathan may be busy at the moment, but no worries, I’m here. Switched Gate for you, E01 to ESSA is yours ;)

See you at the Event :)


Thank you so much. See you at the event too🙂


Can I Take Gate B01A to KPVD 737-800 Heart Livery?


B01A is already taken. Please choose another.


I’ll do MBPV although can I fly a A 737-800?


Flight to MBPV is Booked by You :)

Your Gate is B04.

See you at the event!


Oh I just realized you already have a gate.


Since he requested a different Gate, I gave him it :)


That’s fine, thank you.

Concourse B is now full. Keep the reservations coming. Plenty of room left! :)


ThankYou! See you there!


I’ll take ga04 to mwcr


What is GA04? Please check the gate lists and be more specific.


Actually I’ll take gate A05 sorry


Can i get UAL flight to EWR? Ive done this flight in real life soo many times. It would be cool if I can do it in IF too :)