[Closed] Huge Fort Lauderdale Fly-Out @ KFLL - 151600ZDEC18


Gate D05 please


Thanks for joining. Added you to Gate D05 :)


Thanks, JR.

Since we obviously don’t have the Rouge 767, you can either use the Air Canada 767 or generic 767 livery. It’s up to you. :)


Hey, all!

I hope you are all enjoying the new 18.6 update! I went ahead and made a few adjustments to the gates. Since we’ve received an updated FLL layout (thanks @brunocr98), more gates are available now. I’ve added gate G10 with service to Managua in the Spirit A321 as well as UPS Ramp 01 with service to Louisville in the UPS 757-200. Additionally, I’ve updated the WestJet 737-700 to the 737-800; the real life variant operated on the YYZ route.

There’s also some added hardstands but I won’t add those unless we reach full capacity with the current gates.

Plenty of 737 options are available! I would especially love to see some guys in the new Southwest liveries at Concourses A and B! Sign up today! The event is 10 days away. :)


Does anyone have a route from here that hasn’t been taken that is under 2 hours long they would like to recommend? I’d like to join but I’m in a bit of a time crunch on the 15th


This is a nice short one. It’s about a 30-45 minute flight. :)


I’ll take it, sign me up! Thanks :D


Great, I’ve added you. See you there! :)


Are there gates to Atlanta available?


D03 to Atlanta in the Delta 757-200 is available. Do you want it?


Yes please


Gate D03 is yours. See you there!


I’ll take any of the available A gates or B in a southwest 737-800 going to KDAL



A07 is your gate. See you there. :)


Can I get the AS A320 to KLAX? I’ll be Alaska 1327.


Can I take British Airways 777-200 to London Gatwick. EGKK


@Boeing797: C05 is your gate.
@James_Harvey: Someone has already taken the BA 772 gate. Care to choose another one? :)


Norwiegein 787 to Gatwick?


That’s also taken. Check the gate list to see what is and isn’t available. :)


Where is the gate list