[Closed] Huge Fort Lauderdale Fly-Out @ KFLL - 151600ZDEC18


B08 is yours.


C04 United to KIAD :)


Thanks for joining, Evan. I assigned you. :)


The event is just two weeks away! Plenty of gates remain. Reserve your spot today! :)


Man, if it wasn’t on a Saturday, then I would join…


I’ve always scheduled these on Saturday’s and it’s the day that works best for many. Sorry. :/


Is it possible for you to swap out one of the Concourse G gates to be NK 180 (A321) to KLGA?


I guess that’s okay. Gate G02 is yours then.


Thank you!


I can’t join any event anymore since I work weekends, unless they’re scheduled after 6pm.


I will take any Southwest Gate to Denver.


I work as well so I can understand where you’re coming from. 👍

B07 is yours.

Plenty of gates left, everyone. Would like to see more people fly down south (Caribbean, Central America) with the appropriate airlines as that is the theme of the event. :)


Thanks! Hope to see you there :)


Can I have B02? Looks like a great event!


Southwest 737-800 to Cancún. You’ve been assigned. :)


I’ll take the gate, airline and aircraft above, thank you :)

Also Nathan, how come you don’t make your Event post a Wiki so us Regulars can edit yourself into the list and also help you out adding others, like I did on one of your previous events 😉


Nice to see you again, JR. I’ve assigned your gate.

I must’ve forgotten to make it a wiki, that’s all. It’s a wiki now.


Oh okay. Anyways, Happy to be joining one of your events again, looking forward to it :)


I’ll take gate E08 to EKCH.


Thanks for your interest, Jay! I’ve added you. :)