[Closed] Huge Fort Lauderdale Fly-Out @ KFLL - 151600ZDEC18


Thanks! Looking forward to this. (:


FBO Jetscape Services 03 C750 to TNCM callsign N122PW


Can I have JetBlue A321 to KJFK at any gate in term 3 thanks


Can I get a Southwest 737-800 to Denver in concourse A or B?


I’ll get C06, callsign is UVA-148


I’ll take gate G06, with service to TTPP


Is it possible that i can get a SWA flight but instead to SJU since they do operate that route?


Please put me down for this, thanks!


#3 to St. Maarten. All yours.

Gate F04 is yours.

B01A is your gate.


Great choice. All set. 👍

Of course it’s possible. Gate B02A is yours.

Done! See you there. :)


Hi Nate. Nice to see you again. I’ll take the gate G03 flight.


Good to see you again. You have the Dubai flight. :)


Sorry to disturb you Nate, I would like a gate change to E07, the Norwegian to EGKK.



No problem. Don’t forget to use the “Rednose” callsign. ;)


Id like to request a gate and a new destination.
A320 spirit to Cali (SKCL) any gate
Thanks in advance 🤙🏻


That new flight doesn’t start until December 20, but I’ll make an exception. You’re at gate G05. :)


Thx Nathan :)


I’ll take Ramp 01 FDX MD11 to KMEM. Callsign: FedEx 7889


Hi! I’m not 100% sure I will be able to make it, but I would like to reserve gate G12 just in case I can.


@cbrooks531 and @Plane_Master_Cryptic, you guys have been added.


Can I have any B gate but to BWI?