[CLOSED] Huge Flyout At KSFO [31% FULL] @ KSFO - 081800ZSEP18

Ok, I’ve added KSFO-KSTL on the list above. Thanks, @Makdak

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Add route Delta Airline

I will take Gate 88 - United 365 to Phoenix in an A320.

Can I have gate 50, AS1916 to LAS?

Sorry i realized that my listings were innacurate and changed them feel free to choose another gate.

Got you down for G97

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Sothwest does not operate A321’s they operate only the 737 family, i have a denver flight for you at gate 28 but if you would like to choose another gate thats fine too.

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All gates have been Updated thank you to those attending!

Denver Gate 28 sounds good.

Done thanks for coming

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wait no cancel my slot, i just saw this is on expert not training.

oh so sorry about that hope to see you next time!

Would you mind changing this to China Airlines?

Since you have two different gate for Singapore Airlines and the other one that flies to HKG is correct and realistic, i feel like it would be great if you you swapped this one i quoted above, out for China Airlines and assign me to that gate, thank you :)

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Alright that is fine, could you give me a flight number and aircraft, btw singapore airlines does operate to WSSS they just use an a350.

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Scratch that i just saw your previous post, ill change that right up for you.

Have you down at gate A4

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Thank You!

And my apologies, i didn’t know that they operated A350 on that route, i only knew that United flew on SFO-SIN but oh well, i learned something new today :)

No need to apologize we all learn new things everyday.

I recommend taking a look at the gate list you have. Some gates are used for two narrow bodies or one widebody (usually indicated by Gate xxA/B). Otherwise you’ll have 3 people spawning inside of each other. :)

Examples include:

A11 is a gate for one heavy aircraft only or A11B and A11A can fit two narrow body aircraft.

Same situation here.

This is why it’s good to test out the aircraft size for each gate to make sure they all fit. Not every gate can handle every type of aircraft. Just a tip.


Is the southwest to Saint Louis available and if so i’ll take that one thanks !