[Closed] Huge Dubai Fly-Out @ OMDB - 311600ZMAR18

Thanks for checking! You’ve been added to your original gate. See you there! :)

Can I have gate E28? (FDX MD-11) Callsign: FDX11 Heavy

First cargo aircraft, thanks! You’ve been added.

Hello, sadly i’ll have to cancel, I am now In south of France for holidays and the WiFi is trash, I can’t even access the game. I’m so sorry I was to excited for this event

Unfortunately, I have to pull out. KLM 777. I tried getting onto the expert server and it says I have too many violations, whereas when I look at my stats, it says I have zero. Sorry about that.

Sorry to hear. I’ll remove you.

You’re not going to turn to the community for help? Please see:

@Nathan Hey, I’m really sorry but I have to cancel. Hope you have a great time though

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I’ve added you. See you there.

C36 OMDB-OERK please

Added. See you there. :)

Can I take G10 to OBBI? UAE835 is the flight number. I should be able to do it.

You got it. I’ve added you.

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Do you know if there will be ATC Coverages at OMDB during this event?

This is on the expert server so IFATC will be following their own schedule. OMDB will not have active ATC during the event.

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I might come at watch just to see how hectic this will be without ATC

Sign me up Boss Man, I’m on gate C60. Callsign is Singapore 314

It should be fine. This is the expert server so I expect people to be on their best behavior.


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Could I please change my gate and flight? If so…
Gate: F14
callsign: UAE312
Aircraft: 77W

I changed your gate. :)

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This photo is worth a million bucks. This looks great! :)

Pushback commencing very soon!