[Closed] Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN - 111600ZAUG18


Done. Thanks for joining!

Southwest doesn’t go to IAH. They do go to HOU though. Would you like that gate instead?


@Wesleyhenrich, @Javier_Blancas: Just assigned you guys to the FedEx Ramp!


Yes C50 United


United doesn’t park at concourse C. I have you B15 to IAH. United 737-900.


Can I have b50 to kokc
how long is this event


Thanks so much for organizing this, but I’ll be out of town actually on the day of the event, so you can remove my name, and give the spot to someone else :) . Apologies.


FedEx Apron 03 to KOAK. FedEx 1719


I will take gate c30 to KBOS.


I would like gate B47 to KBOS.


Added. The event is not that long. As soon as everyone, who are attending, depart the airport, the event is essentially “over” but DEN will still remain active because ATC will be present there. :)



Added as well. Good to have some people going to Boston with me. ;)


@Nathan, requesting United Gate B46 to KSMF on board the A320. Thanks! Really nice event btw, you really know how to plan events.


All set! Thanks so much for your kind words – appreciate it!


C23 to KALB please! :)


Good to see you again. Added!


I’ll take c28 to KPHX. This event is going to turn out awesome! Great work


Added! I can’t wait to see everyone – thanks!


Can I have gate B32, using United to KORD, also will this event take place at a specific time or last the whole day


Take a look at the thread again, please. B32 is taken.

To answer your question: This specific event starts at 1600Z and “ends” once all attendees fly-out the airport (hence the name). Denver will be active the entire day though as it is on the ATC schedule for this week.


I’m sorry I’ll take gate c44 to KLGA


Much better. :) See you there.