[Closed] Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN - 111600ZAUG18


A39 ICE B752 to BIKF

Thank you.


KDEN TO PHKO. 757 on B26.


Can I fly the same route as some one else?



B26 is taken. You’ve been placed at B35 with a United 757-200.

Depends on the route. If multiple flights are done on the same route, you can have it. Which route are you thinking?


I was thinking DEN to CMH. Somebody is already flying the Frontier flight for that route, so I guess I could take United’s flight for the route instead.


B53 is all yours. United CRJ-700.


United flies that route in an Airbus A319 & ERJ 75


I know that. We don’t have the United livery on either of those aircraft. CRJ-700 is the closest substitute. :)


Oh ok. Then can I switch to the Southwest DEN-CMH route instead? Sorry for all the hassle!


If possible, I’d love to go with B67, UAL CRJ7 to KASE


No hassle at all. C25 is yours.

About time someone chose this route. B67 is yours. :)


Question: the ATC schedule says KDEN for 08/11/18, so it will be open all day I guess. Is it possible to fly in around 1530z?


It’s up to you. You can fly-in at anytime you want. Just know that this group (in the thread) will be all flying out around 1600Z.


Just make sure you park at the correct gate if you do decide to fly in just prior to the start of the event. :)


Thought about it, could be hard due to the ground traffic and the fact that we have no ground maps displaying taxiways (hope it changes soon). I’ll probably fly in, park at an available gate, despawn and spawn in new at the right gate.


B60 to appleton please


Hi there! I would like to go with Lufthansa A346 to EDDF at any gate at concourse A. Seeing forward to this!


Done. See you there. :)

  1. Concourse A has no more gates capable of handling heavy aircraft.
  2. Two people have already chosen both Lufthansa flights to Frankfurt and Munich.
  3. Lufthansa doesn’t even use the A346 on the Frankfurt route.

You’ll have to choose something else. Plenty of CRJ gates and Southwest gates available. :)


Gate C50


NKS A321


Can I have C32 to IAH