[Closed] Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN - 111600ZAUG18


I’ve put myself in B88 to KJAC, can’t wait!


Cant come, just realized I got [5 DAYS AWAY] Give Fort Lauderdale Some Love! @ KFLL - 111700ZAUG18 to deal with gg


So do I have A60 then?


Fedex 10W to LAX for me!


I’ll take B24 to Newark please.


I’ll remove you then. Maybe next time! :)

You do! Check the list.

Like I told @Wesleyhenrich, I have the FedEx gates on hold for now because a FedEx VA will be attending but I don’t have an exact list of how many participants are coming.

Once I get the list of how many FedEx pilots are attending (should be tomorrow), I’ll add you if there’s a free space. If not, you’ll have to choose something else. Hope you understand.

Right now, it seems like you two want the same gate. I’ll try to accommodate you guys as best as I can if there happens to be no room left.



Can I have UA26 kden to egll on B32/B36 or B38/B42-787-9


May I get B36 KDEN to PHNL?


May I request B22 to KDTW. See you all at Denver and let’s have fun flight!


Requesting Frontier Den To SLC


I’ll take B73 if possible CRJ7 to COS and return


Ua576 to kewr , gate b29


Could I have gate A53 to KMIA please? Thanks


Looks like a good event, shame I can’t come.


I’ll take B27 thank you very much.


Is there any short flights I could do and would it have to be at that time because if it is I can’t do it


Can you take my name out I can’t attend sorry.


i’ll use A319, thanks!


This flight is already taken, sorry. You’ll have to choose something else.

Good choice. Added! Remember to use the new United livery on the 772.



You’ll be using the United 737-800.


That’s alright. Maybe next time!

Added! You’re welcome.

There’s plenty of short flights available. Check the United Express flights in concourse B. Most of those CRJ flights are short.

Sorry to hear. Maybe next time.

Done! You got the last Delta Air Lines gate.


May I please have Gate A32 flying to KBUF?