[Closed] Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN - 111600ZAUG18


May I take Gate A42 to MMUN?


sign me up for b39 to ksfo ual 772


By any chance could I get a gate for an American a320 to Phoenix?


Can I get the gate for the American 738 to ORD please?


@jack_oloughlin, @Bo_Page_m8, @Darragh_ODonoghue, and @JGrant639: Added!


A25 to Calgary for me please! Callsign WJA1571


Added. See you there!


May i get a flight to LAX Delta 757-200? if not 737-900

  1. Delta doesn’t fly the 757-200 nor the 737-900 to LAX from Denver.
  2. They do fly the B717 and A319 there though. You can pick one of those and I’ll get you a gate to LAX (the last Delta gate available).


Hey man! Looks like a great event and I definitely want to reserve a gate even though I may not be able to make it though I probably will be able to make the event. Honestly, looking at all the gates still left, I don’t really know which one to choose. Any suggestions on a cool route to do that is not super long and not super short? Somewhere warm maybe? Let me know! @Nathan


Can I get UA 5907 using an RJ-175


Dang! I cant make it because i’m only grade two… :(


Can I get A26 to KSEA


Nevermind I can’t make it


I’ll take B26 to KATL. My own hometown airport, thanks!


What’s the ZULU time for this event? I’m not sure if I can make it.


Can I have a gate in Concourse A. Air Canada CRJ 900 to CYVR


Concourse C ( united airlines Queen of the skies )


Check Concourse C. I have a few Southwest routes going to Mexico. These flights are probably 2 hours long.

Please read the event thread. This isn’t an option unfortunately since Infinite Flight doesn’t have the new United livery on the Embraer jets. There’s plenty of CRJ-700 flights available though. :)

It’s in the title – 1600Z.

Space is tight over there. I can switch out the aircraft in A60 and give that one to you.

Please read the event thread. United Airlines does not use Concourse C and the United Airlines 747 is not an option to choose since it no longer exists in the real work. Make a different choice, please.


Let’s do C38 to the sunny Fort Lauderdale on the Spirit A321!