[Closed] Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN - 111600ZAUG18


Sorry to hear that! I’ll remove you.


Can I please have: A22 AMX B737 to MMMX?


You got it! See you there.

NOTAM: Concourse A is now full! Concourse B (regional jets) and Concourse C (Southwest) are still available.


Could I change my flight from B31 to B91 as I have no way of flying to PHLI before night?


I would like to join this event. May I have gate B57 to KLBF please?


Wow, the server is going to get destroyed


BoeingA320 said that the event will be at 4:00 pm EST is it true? To Nathan.


Switched and added!

I don’t think the server will be destroyed but it will definitely the most aircraft on the ground at a single airport (I could be wrong). I’m hoping Laura will stop by and capture all of the aircraft on the ground. Thing is, with our devices, it will be impossible for us to render every single aircraft on the ground even with aircraft count on very high. There will probably be a dozen or so aircraft that will render in your immediate radius but nothing beyond that as I’ve seen in the past.

Laura has the ability to control the number of aircraft that can render in a certain radius (not sure what her limit is) since she can run it on a PC. She can definitely render a high number with, of course, a considerable amount of lag. I am really hoping she can capture a birds-eye view of all the aircraft at their correct terminals and gates – that would be wonderful. 😍Something similar to the Atlanta terminal screenshot with all of the beta testers and developers that was posted prior to the global release, if I remember correctly; but on a much larger scale of course.

We shall see what happens though.

The time of the event has not changed. The event is at 12:00 PM EDT or 1600Z. You can obviously translate that to your local time zone.


I’m afraid I will not be able to make it.

Reopen B27, please.


No problem, Cayden. Thanks for making an effort to join. :)


where are you going?


It was a misunderstanding. I though the event was at 8:00AM EDT, but last night I realized that it was at 12:00PM EDT, and I have a volunteer event for the Civil Air Patrol going on then.


Might be advisable to spawn a few minutes before 1600Z, because there’s a surprise in store…


Good point!

More details coming later about this, guys. Stay tuned.


Oooo there’s a surprise? Now I’m intrigued 😏


is there still space in concourse C?


Yeah, 3 gates are left.


Can I arrange multiple trips? Looking to do a few out and backs on UA SkyWest from the B gates.


You can reserve one gate at B and just fly whichever legs you want after the first one. The airport will be active all day. :)


I was just thinking, since the airport will already be open, and there will be other traffic there that is not part of the event. What should we do if someone is in your gate?