[Closed] Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN - 111600ZAUG18


This is my first event.

Gate: Any concourse A or B gate

Route : KDEN - EGLL (United Airlines B789)
Route : KDEN - EDDF (Lufthansa B744)

Callsign : United 2125 / Lufthansa 2125


Hi, these are already taken by other participants.

  • Concourse A has 1 gate remaining – Aeromexico is available. This will not change.
  • Concourse B has 24 gates remaining – only regional aircraft are available.
  • Concourse C has 2 gates remaining – Southwest 737s only.

I understand many want to fly wide-bodies, but in the real-world, there are not so many wide-bodies at an airport like this (unless you’re at JFK). Let’s change it up a bit. Everyone flies long hauls.

Please choose another gate. Plenty of regional aircraft (CRJ-700s) and domestic aircraft (737s) are still up for grabs! Hope you understand.


I will take gate B94: UAL CRJ7 to Toronto (CYYZ)

Thank you for putting this event together.


Thanks for joining, Mark, and thanks for your kind words. :)


What if you wanted to join the lads already flying them so you spawned at their gate right after they finish pushback


I guess that is fine. That will most likely happen anyway since the entire community is virtually “invited” at this point. :)


how about this then?


Callsign UAL 2125


Just remove the tag like I’ve been doing – already added him, no worries. See you there @Amaar_Viqar!


I see you add them without the @…

Understood, thanks, will be doing that from now on :)
Sorry i didn’t realize that sooner.


Thanks, @Nathan! Will try to! If you want to track it, here’s some info

Airline: Southwest


Can I be the FedEx Md-11 to SJC?


Sure thing. You’re at FedEx Apron 14. :)


I would like the gate A33. KDEN-EDDM. DLH B744.


Sorry but there’s only one gate left at Concourse A and that is: A22 AMX B737 to MMMX.

The one you requested is unfortunately already taken by another user.

Would you like to you have the the last remaining gate at Concourse A or a different one? :)


And this: DHL Apron 33W-DHL B757 to KCVG


Added. See you there!


We are free of departure time and flight plan until there destination?


I’m not sure what you’re asking here. Are you asking if you can leave at any time?

The event starts at 1600Z. You can spawn in at that time but you don’t have to depart at that time. You can stay on the ground for as long as you want. Just be sure to spawn in at 1600Z.


Okay, got it! I’m French so I wanted to make sure I didn’t make any translation mistakes and mistakes at all.


I’m going to have to cancel…was cooking food and forgot to slow my descent, resulting in four violations, meaning that I get a vacation to TS1. I’m so sorry.