[Closed] Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN - 111600ZAUG18


and this is my chart of who is attending
greetings from mexico!


I would try to make it, but im flying home TO Denver at this time! Wish I could come, though


Boy do I wish I had good handwriting now…


Ye I can do Southwest Airlines. Quick request, if anyone else decides to join, could i have a “friend” fly to BUR as well? Some airports have two or more airlines fly to the same destination at around the same time.


Now that is awesome! Thanks for making this hahaha! ;)

Haha what a coincidence. Have a safe trip!

Yes, I am aware of that. Your friend can come if there’s enough gates though. Just make sure he/she is not imaginary lol. C34 is your gate.


😭😭😭 this is literally the day I come home from NY back to California. However my flight doesn’t leave until 3:40, so many I ask… what time is it western?


Event is at 12:00PM EDT/11AM CDT/10AM MDT/9AM MST (if in Arizona)/9AM PDT/8AM AKDT/6AM HST.


Damn! Unfortunately I don’t think I can go. It would have to be early morning for me. Well I’ll wait for the next one. 😭😭


No problem. Have a safe trip!


Thanks! What airport are you looking at for the next event?


Most likely LaGuardia airport in New York. Perfect occasion to use all of the new CRJs. Timing on that is unknown at the moment as I’ll be in college in a few weeks. Might plan something for Christmas break.

It could be elsewhere though. I’m always open to suggestions! :)


Sounds great! Maybe you want to do a smaller airport too. Like KALB


Yes, I would love to host it at a smaller airport too. I’ll do some research soon. :)


I’ll take A41, please! Looking forward to it


Don’t you see the user’s name next to that gate lol? Someone has it already. A41W is a wide-body gate, hence the “W”, which means it blocks two other gates (A41 and A43 which is why they have a hash mark through them).

  • Concourse A has 2 gates remaining – Aeromexico and Volaris are available. These will not change.
  • Concourse B has 25 gates remaining – only regional aircraft are available.
  • Concourse C has 2 gates remaining – Southwest 737s only.


oh, I’m stupid
I’ll take the Volaris


Don’t put yourself down like that, it’s not a big deal. You have the gate.


I will take B92 to KPSP. I will be in a united crj-700. my callsign will be united 25. Thank you.


Thanks for joining, Riley. See you there!


ill be in school in 2 weeks😒