[Closed] Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN - 111600ZAUG18


You mean C49. You’ll be going to KPIT with Mr. KPIT tagging along.


I’ll take Gate B53, as United Virtual (UVA-035) to Columbus, Ohio (KCMH/CMH) :)


Awesome. See you there!


I’ll take the WN 738 to PDX.


Thanks for joining. See you there!


@Nathan I’ll take B49 please


Hey @Nathan! Looks like I’ll take the SWA 737 down to Belize, (MZBZ)


Hello, could I please get a gate, Fedex 8 Cargo, FPL destination KMEM. Departing East. (EPKEE4 Dep)


Added! See you all there.


@Nathan will some of the gates be changed to fit the new aircraft being released today? Just wondering.


The only aircraft that could be added is the United Express CRJ-200 as no other US airline has CRJ-200 routes out of Denver.

I am not sure if the new livery or old livery is on it though. Waiting to get the update.


Yep, same here. Hoping for the new livery!


It’s the old United Express livery so no changes will be made. :)


Give me any airline, any destination, and any gate. Your choice, host!!


I don’t remember seeing an event this full at a large airport… hopefully we get some photos of the full terminals :)


Looking forward to the event. It’ll be good fun!


B61 to KBUR with the UAL CRJ-700.

I am as well. Let’s just hope most of the aircraft render in.


Can I use B737-800 instead?
It is a legit aircraft used from DEN to BUR


if my calculations are correct they are 105 people attending and 64 destinations at this moment! amazing!


You’ll have to be moved to concourse C with Southwest then. There’s only room for regional aircraft at B now. Is this fine?

That’s right! This will be an incredible event. I cannot wait until Saturday! :)