[Closed] Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN - 111600ZAUG18


Added. See you there.


Thank you now is the event 12:00 PM EST?


how many flights are to lax?


which is my gate and concourse?


12:00PM EDT, yes.

You can scroll up to the first post and find this. 🙂

4 flights to LAX at the moment. Your gate is A26.

  1. Can we fly inbound during this event? If not,
  2. Can I request a different flight for B41, maybe B752 to KEWR?


For me Concourse B JetBlue A321 to New York JFK


This is a fly-out event. Everyone here is flying out. If you’re flying in, you need to make sure you know how to find your gate. I do not want you taking someone else’s spot.

There is no flight from B41. It is unavailable hence the “See B39/B43” Since heavies occupy those gates, B41 is blocked.

Take a look at the thread, please. JetBlue does not use concourse B.

  • Concourse A has 2 remaining gates. Aeroméxico 737-700 to Mexico City and a Volaris A319 to Guadalajara are available. These will not change.
  • Concourse B has 28 remaining gates. They are all regional jet size so the CRJ-700 is the only option.
  • Concourse C has 10 remaining gates. All but one are Southwest gates. One Spirit gate is still available.


May I get B69 I’m still level 3


Added you. Post has reached over 100 members now so I can’t tag anyone else but your name is up there. :)


I am sorry for the inconvenience, May I have concourse C with Spirit A321 to Chicago O’hare?


Sure, no problem. C48 is your gate.


Thank you, see u there


C33 please - sounds like a great event, my former home town!


You got it. Thanks for the kind words. :)


Would be ok for me to take C45, SWA 738, but instead of flying to KIAD, go to KPHL?


I’ll take C35 to KONT, B95 to KPSP, or the Aeromexico Gate thx!


I am beyond excited for this event @Nathan. Great work, and I am looking forward to it! Just flew into Denver this evening so I can log the flight for UVA. :)


Done and done. C35 for you, Emiliano.

Thanks for the kind words. I am also very excited as well. We have over 100 participants! :)


I’ll gladly take gate C45 to KPIT