[Closed] Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN - 111600ZAUG18


Thanks! looking forward to this HUGE event :D


Could I get C41 but to San Antonio (SAT)? If that’s not possible you can leave OAK.:-)


Sure no problem. See you there.


Can I please get FedEx Apron 09 FDX MD11 to KFAT and B57 (UAL CRJ7) to KLBF?


Can I have a gate in concourse A for British airways 744 pls


Sorry forgot to add destination for my flight from concourse A. Just to say again British airways to EGLL in 744


Can I get gate A38 to KLAS ?


No more wide-bodies at A. What you see in A is what you get so you’ll have to pick that or something at C and B.


You want two gates? How is this going to work?


Can I get B44 to Portland?


Added, see you there.

Just a notice to everyone:

  • Concourse A has 2 remaining gates. Aeroméxico 737-700 to Mexico City and a Volaris A319 to Guadalajara are available. These will not change.
  • Concourse B has 30 remaining gates. They are all regional jet size so the CRJ-700 is the only option.
  • Concourse C has 12 remaining gates. All but one are Southwest gates. One Spirit gate is still available.


I was able to fly the 737BBJ with 17 passengers and 2000kg of cargo from London to Hong Kong


Obv I won’t be at both simultaneously, just one flight after the other. If not possible just the fedex gate please.


Concourse C Gate C24. SWA B738 heading towards Chicago Midway International, please.


I’m not sure if I can come but I’ll take the crj 700 to KCOS at B73



I gave you the FedEx flight only. No sense in giving you two gates if the fly-out will essentially be “over” by the time you finish the first flight. You can do the second flight on your own.


Can I get a CRJ to KSAF or KASE?


KSAF works. You’re at B56.


what is the percent of the airport filled?


Not sure of the percentage but I’m sure we have around 100 or so attendees coming. This is the most I’ve ever had for any event I’ve hosted. :)


May I please have C47 Southwest 410 with non stop services to Orlando Florida.